Help me buy a book.

Hey guys. I have a $15 Border's gift card and don't know what to get. What are some awesome books and/or things Border's would have? Ready GO!

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hey dude!

i have no suggestions, but hey!

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paula deen's country cooking


The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

plastic taxi cab?

Randy!!!! How are you sir? I haven't been on here in way too long, but I want to try to be more involved in the community again.

I have Franny and Zooey (actually someone borrowed it, but I don't remember who) but not Nine Stories. I shall check out your other suggestions, thank you much.

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I've been great! Just relaxing and snoozing most of the day before I start job hunting. How are you doing? You definitely should try to be more active around here!

plastic taxi cab?

I've been decent. Working an internship, but not getting paid for it. You know, the usual designer thing. My friends and I started a collective called NOM NOW and we have been putting up stuff in Philadelphia and having a few shows in the city and what not. It's a good time.

plastic taxi cab?

Bort, I'm trying to not go over the $15 mark 'cause I'm a poor boy.

Rolf, I have that already, Love it.

plastic taxi cab?

I don't have Rules of a Rubber Ball, but I'm very interested. And I've got No One Belongs.... too : D

plastic taxi cab?

Ahh, I'm glad to see some familiar faces in here!

the czar

American gods by Neil Gaiman


hey have you read a book called twilight? i know it sounds scary cos its about vampires but its actually really nice :) its about love!

plastic taxi cab?

So I ordered Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. Rolf wins. It's not surprising though, we have very similar taste.

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