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I [X] Tinman

  • by dschwen
  • posted Oct 25, 2010

I [X] Tinman

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dschwen profile pic Alumni

Congrats bro, very well done!

cshimala profile pic Staff

Love this tee!

silverqe profile pic Alumni



so in love with this tee.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

congrats, phil!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Congratulations !!!!


I X this shirt.


That took me so dang long to get.

KatieCantrell profile pic Alumni

Woohoo, love it! Congrats on another great print!


What is this? A ironic shirt making topical reference to the wizard of oz? I wish I had more hands so I could give this shirt 4 thumbs down.


@sec713 you're such a beautiful person:).

Great design too, I don't know about the .jpeg part, but i'm a fossil from the 80's, so that's why I would've expected it to be blank. Still, bloody innovative.


I'll admit, it was not the nicest comment, but seriously, if YOU love the Tin Man, why would YOUR heart be missing? And if this is a playful jab at the inadequacies of tech, who writes messages online in the form of rebus puzzles? I mean, c'mon, this shirt is not as clever as everyone thinks it is. I dunno to each their own. Love whatever you want, I'll stick to the awesome shirts on this site that don't resort to using text to convey a message/idea/emotion. I hope I didn't upset anyone too much.


I absolutely love this and will definitely be buying it. The only "I heart" tee I have ever wanted to wear. Don't worry about other people's negative comments, there are many more positive ones! I think the broken jpeg is perfect. If you just had a blank space, then people would think the shirt just said "I Tin Man" and that it was just making a jibe at his intelligence or something. The missing heart would be too subtle to get then, so I think you've executed the idea perfectly!

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

hahahha... this is awesome




Awesome. And the woman model is gorgeous.


I like the Idea of this Shirt with the missing jpeg, but i dont get why it is "I [Heart] Tin Man" Why Tin man?? this is the part i don't get. It seems to random to be funny.


@Steveph, Its from the wizard of Oz


OH I GEDDIT took me a while


the tin man was black. watch bthe movie he does the stanky leg


Wow, some people need to pull their heads out of their arses and get some fresh air. Sheez.


SPOILER ALERT: The "heart" is missing, because the Tin Man was without a heart........ Ah, ha!!!!!


I love wearing this shirt!


This is a fantastic shirt, but my manfriend simply does not wear white T-shirts. Any chance this shirt will get offered in say, blue, green, or brown? Or even gray?

mimi randi

i got this shirt about a week and a half ago and i love it to death! so does everyone else too :)


I love this tshirt, it's one of the threadless tshirts that gets the most feedback from people that see it. Although some of the time it is because they don't understand it.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Thanks for this batch! I've wanted this shirt since it was originally printed.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

So much fun to wear. This has to be my most 'looked at' threadless tee. People stare, every time, trying to figure it out I imagine. The design of huge letters projects out and pulls in so well that I can tell people I walk past have their eyes trained on it from far away. I only wish I could watch each of their expressions as they get it! Thanks to threadless and Phil Jones!

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