F*ck It

F*ck It

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Paul Attacks

What is thepoint of this shirt?


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Love this SO much. Want it NOW! But I'm curious how the sizes run. Which shirt would be the longest and skinniest? because I'm a guy that's 6' 3"


I bought this shirt...I'm def gonna wear it on my "off days" lol


I'm Gunna Have a Party! I'm pretty sure the shirt is a reference to an awesome Nada Surf song, Blankest Year. "Aww F*ck It! I'm gunna have a party!" 2X


If not, then I don't know. It looks like he is starting to do the monkey in the last frame.


Pretty much my exact reaction once I realized my size was sold out...


pls pls do this with drums awsome idea!


I really really want this shirt to come back, especially with finals coming up soon, I can think of so many times this has been appropriate. Please reprint this masterpiece!

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