Everending Falling In Love

Watch this

The new design I'm working on right now....rnwhat do you think? rnPLEASE comment :)


I would take the bottom row of trees out. Try it and see how it looks.

If you have time leave a comment. Not So Funny Now


here's a new version...i changed the "running away man" into a "sad walking away man" :) i think it's clearer (thanks 4 the comment!)

what do u think??????


thanks for the help GadYariv, I'm also looking for the title.. is "erevending falling in love" good? other ideas?



Please I would appreciate your comment and vote on my desing

When Cows Attack



There's a certain quality about this illustration that I think won't appeal to threadless viewers. The vectors are kind of lifeless and it looks like one of those condo brochures with all of the silhouette people standing around under a tree... like tracing your vectors from photos I guess is probably what causes it. The fact that he's wearing a suit makes it even more corporatey. Love the dog though.

I'd say that if you just make a more stylized (curvy, not computer generated) tree and make the leaves all one solid color then that would improve it by 1000%.


Here's a new version with a little modification: the colour of the trees and the lieves is solid and without texture... what do you prefer? this version or V2????

please let me know


I totally love this!


i think I'm gonna go back to V2... i kinda liked it mode and i also had more appreciation comments...so....

please, let me know what u think.


as usual, the larger versin of the design HERE :)

airobit profile pic Alumni

i like it, style and concept, i prefer on cream if you have time please check mine here


This design is now up for scoring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please vote HERE


I like this color shirt better--dis you try some other earthy color t-shirts, mabey a boney grey color? Excellent illustration--well executed design. I think it's ready to submit.

If you get a chance could you check out and score Nuts!


thanks!!! it's out 4 scoring right now!!! please vote!!


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