Monster Forest

  • by Choosh
  • posted Oct 16, 2010

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Here is a design created from a single sketch of a monster with bulky arms and no legs. From there I ran with the idea of making it a forest. Using 8 spooky and forest-y colors I have crafted this piece. Is it fit to be submitted? What else should be added/modified? Thanks in advance!

Montro profile pic Alumni

I would add some kind of floor or even atmospherics so that the design blends in with the canvas a little btter. I like the style a lot and the eggplant color palette you chose works really well. Good luck!!

If you have time, please comment and vote on mine. I appreciate it!


The mushroom has sort of twirled eyes, how about you make them in all of the eyes? Kindly score my design. Please vote $5. While you are at it, comment as well. I'm running 3 contest in my design. GUESS THE SCORE, BE 2010 COMMENTER and THE COMMENTER.

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