how to make u'r own splatters

how to make u'r own splatters

1st we need this, paper n' cans

after it spray the paper but please DON'T... Press the caps over!!! just press a lil bit filling it, n' u can see like this.

ok, for different splatter u can press the caps over but not on paper spray to the spray cans cover like this.

n' u can get splatter like this.

after that we can get 3 diff splatter style,like this

ok, now we need scan the paper or u can photo the paper but not use u'r camera phone LOL :P, after that we need to threshold for get the edge of splat like this.

n' use magic wand for delete the white background, like this.

this the pict after all process. splatters was done for PS, but if u want it splatter on vector format u just auto trace on Ai n' save the file on SVG so u can use the file on corel draw :)

this the sample i use the splatter on skull eye

DONE!! :)
free for download PSD files in here


Thank's all i hope my tutorial can help u


Watch this
SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

splatters are cool


very nice tutorial... and files should be helpful to folks, welcome to the community, get your ass subbing

nickv47 profile pic Alumni

wicked, thanks! i usually do my scans for textures as high rez bitmaps, covert them to grayscale, and size em down depending on the piece.

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