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  • posted Oct 14, 2010


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Sweeet. just ordered one.


haha nice +_+


Sorry, but cheap, spring connectors for surround speakers rather than proper five-way binding posts? And it doesn't support seven channels, let alone balanced output? Nope. I need a quality AV system and this simply doesn't satisfy my needs.


Would be perfect for my brother's christmas present if the design was on the front!


I think the point, Jilara, is that it looks like the BACK of a TV... so they put the design on the back.


I recommend this shirt is spectacular ...... Congratulations whole team .....

Cheers from Brazil


its perfect! i love putting someone on standby mode :)


i love love love back designs! got this shirt for my dad, the first thing he said was "some one is going to stab me in the back when i'm walking to work!" bwahahahaaa...


My husband the stereophile from forever just loves this tee .... Would like to see more variations, like the back of a computer?


what an awesome t v


Recently got this tee, and it was of disappointing quality-- much thinner material than the other Threadless shirts I previously ordered. Does anyone know if these shirts are the new ones? I'm reluctant to spend any more money on Threadless shirts if they're no longer the same quality as before.


Wow! Love this one! Excellent Idea!


okay, so I ordered the zippup like three days ago (haven't even gotten the shipment notice) and today I see you guys took 10 dollars off it. :D



i love the Hoody! Good Idea!


Reprint, please :D


What fabric is the hoody printed on?


What's the difference between the two Black Regular Fit Girly Tees?


I have to agree with rollsofrice (May 16, 2011 comment). My recent order also came in a much thinner material - when I hold the shirt up against the light, I see the light shine THROUGH the shirt in little specks. I would have been fine with the thinner material (it IS comfy), but I have a much bigger complain: After my first wear today, I'm covered in black fuzz, and despite washing it over and over after my one wear, the fuzz keeps sticking to my hands after wringing the shirt. I'm writing an email of complaint to Threadless complete with photo and video evidence of the post-wash fuzz. I don't see how this shirt is even considered wearable if it fuzzes on me like that.


As an update, in case anyone is reading comments, Threadless said the fuzzing is definitely not normal, and has sent me a new shirt (on its way now) without needing the old shirt back. In my experience, Threadless' customer service has always been helpful and understanding. heart Fingers crossed the new one is of normal non-fuzz quality. =D

I still wish the shirts weren't so thin though, haha. It's ok for dark shirts like this, but light-coloured shirts are slightly see-through... =P


Does anyone have any complaints on the zip-up hoodie, or do the 'fuzzy' problems only happen with the t-shirt?


The price on this seems to jump around a lot, i was 5$ cheaper a while ago. Also, the one I got, its design on the back is skewed at the bottom. :-(. Quality-control is apparently 'meh'.


The 2nd shirt Threadless sent me (see 3 messages down) still fuzzes at the underarms, AND after one wash (or maybe it was so even before wash but I just didn't notice?) the bottom part of the design on the back sags by a lot. Even the "button" on the front of the shirt is a parallelogram, not a rectangle. I plan to write to Threadless (again) when I have the time. This batch of thin shirts are just killing my confidence in Threadless. It's pure stubbornness that I'm still buying more tees with the ongoing sale. =P


@TLBF You want your plugs on the front of your speaker, too?


Design nice quality bad size no big for M!


Please make in scoop neck!


I got this tee recently and was VERY disappointed. Both the front and back print went sideways, I imagine because the tee itself is of low quality (it is very thin and very stretchable). Just wrote to Threadless support about this, waiting for an answer... It just feels wrong to print such an awesome design on a poor quality t-shirt :(


Oh no, is it STILL low quality? I have been meaning to write to Threadless about the low quality of the REPLACEMENT tee they sent me when I complained about my initial purchase of this shirt - the replacement was no better (and possibly worse in terms of slanted lines). I thought that since they said they threw out all the bad shirts, this must be back to being decent again and was hoping to ask if they could re-send me yet another one. But I guess there isn't any point if as of 23 Apr, at least one person is still receiving it in the same thin and stretchy tee with bad print! sigh.


For those who are wondering about the quality of the hoodie, I just got it and it looks okay. Maybe a little not rectangular, but hope it will stretch to normal shape. Four tees and a hoodie came squeezed in a small bag :(


Super nice!


I'm really disappointed to learn that the quality is still quite bad. I've been dying to get this for my fiancé since last year as he is a total AV nerd and he'd love it :( Please, fix it!


Once I know for sure this has been printed on the new (presumably NOT flimsy) tee, I'd re-get this tee. I already have two of it and both are on the terrible thin-and-stretched/skewed tee.


So it's still crummy? Great...




I'm sorry, but what's the difference between "Threadless Guys Tee" and "Guys Tee". The same with "Zip-Up Hoody" and "Threadless Zip Hoody". Thank you.


Nice, but it could really use a couple SDI inputs/outputs.


I too am quite bummed that the tshirt quality is still horrible. I ordered a batch of 5 shirts last year at about $20 per and they were all flimsy and played out after 1 wash. I followed the care instructions exactly. I complained to them about it and apparently they have not taken any action.

Sucks because the shirts used to be great, I've got shirts from 5 years ago that have retained their shape and quality through many a wash.

Pay attention Threadless, don't cheap out on the quality of the gear. I dont mind paying a few dollars extra for a shirt that will last.


Hey Guys! To answer some of your questions the "Threadless Guys" tees, as opposed to the plain ol' Guys tees are the new, custom Threadless tees we've labored over to bring the highest standards of quality and fit to our tees to answer to some of the quality issues we've had in the past (or like the ones in some of these posts). The Guys or Girly tees are older stock that we still have available for purchase. The Zip-Up Hoody, similarly, are our older American Apparel Hoodies and the Threadless Zip Hoodies are our own personal Hoody brand. In terms of differences the Threadless Hoodies tend to be a lil' more snug than the American Apparel ones, so you may want to order a size up!


please reprint hoodies in large. i want this so hardcore.


Please replint the hoodies In L or XL. One of this is needed


would be rad as an iPhone case. just sayin'


Just got it today. Lovely print, not too sure how it will hold up after a 30° wash. Material feels nice but on the long side (L). This is my first shirt from Threadless, so cannot compare quality. Thanks Olly.

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