Dumb and Dumber

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Have you, the owner of a smart phone, ever play with a normal phone and ponder, "Wow this thing is stupid"? These phones feel the same way. This shirt fits in perfectly with the smart phone craze that's going on now.rnrnThis design came into mind when a friend and I were tossing a Frisbee around. We left out company names/logos so it would not violate any copyright laws. It is meant to be a basic design with no specialty print.rnrnPlease help us think of ways to better this shirt.


I think if you took it to the extreme of using the "Zack Morris" type cell phone from the early 90s that would be classic. And I don't think you need the white blob at the bottom, just the shadows of the phones would suffice.

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I like too, but u maybe can change the comment circle for a cloud, like the smarts phones are thinking, not saying... maybe... anyway I like it.


i love a good visual pun!

nice work!


Thanks for the critiques guys! Is there anything else you suggest I change? I appreciate it.


I like the though! nice illustration to! But I think you should loose the white ground and just go with the shadows of the phones. maybe you can build it in to a story, like one of the smartphones gets picked out to be sold. just a suggestion. Nice illustration :)

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I just made a new version. Like suggested, I made the stupid phone older and this time, I elevated the smart phones to make them look down on the stupid phone. Tell me what you think!


I just thought of a design that's 10X better than this. Should be up by tonight


I updated the look. Sorry it took so long, I have been busy with school. I can't decide between this color and the blue. I feel like this isn't complete. I would greatly appreciate the advice on how I can make this look better on you guys!

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I say fool around with your lineart color, to really make it pop. Also maybe pull your characters in a little bit more to get them nice and centered?

either way tho - hilarious stuff.

oh and if you get a sec, check out my submission as well!

This Little Light of Mine if you like it, lemme know! but throw down a vote!

keep up the good work dude!


Wow, wonderful idea!

in my opinion, using really old phone is better. I would suggest to keep in mind scale of phones (you know, those old ones were HUGE compared to modern). Also I would suggest putting a shadow under them, because sometimes they look "floating". Compare first and last designs - in the first they firmly stand on the ground!

Your work is really good, good luck ;-)


Conceptually this is awesome and each of the individual elements are nice (you may want to add more contrast to the colors, but thats a matter of preference) but I think you might want to set it up a bit differently.

The dumb phone which is supposed to be in the foreground is smaller than the smart-phones which are meant to be farther back. Also the design is kind of scrunched in on the top of the shirt.

That's just my impression and it could just be me but the overall concept and elements are outstanding. Keep up the great work!


i think the opposition between the phone generations is a good idea, but i don't think that mathematics can make it clearer at the first sight. also the font isnt really good andtry with another tee color (red ?) good luck you've got something here :-)

you're welcome to critique on mine thanks ;-)


I like a couple of aspects of this version:

  1. The classroom scene, vs the old 'bullies' theme
  2. The old-style phone hunched over in shame

But, the simpler colours of the previous versions made those designs more unified. The new colours seem arbitrary & slapdash. Also, I think the composition needs some work; try changing character positions & perspectives, & make sure the scale is correct for where each character is in the plane.

I'd love to know what you think of mine.


my fav version is the first one. change the font and the oldphone ;-)

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