• by Sam280691
  • posted Oct 10, 2010


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please please reprint this


simply love the design but the printing on the tee is a major letdown!

Prints at the seams and sleeves are "jagged broken off" lines. Can't return it either as shipping costs is higher than the tee itself. Sigh.


The print is very very cool! Nice work!




My head it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!


Just bought this. Will be checking the mail early until it gets here.


I have 2 t-shirts very bad quality of inks. Maybe because it made in Mexico. I'm angry But it Best design ever!


As volitions i can't return it. And i can't buy new because I'm afraid reprint have same problem. So maybe threadless can give warranty that its not happn again?


Wow Very nice work (y)


cant what till a sale im not spending $20


i like this alot, very simple but still made me smile.


I got this tee too and the print was very very bad. I can't return it or exchange it because I have to pay for return shipping. As others have said, it is a major letdown. I am SO sad, because I love this design. I will never wear the shirt.


The printing on this tee shirt was horrendous. The parallel stripes didn't connect of the right side of the shirt and were overlapped on the left side of the shirt. The ink around the collar was smeared as if someone had touched it before it had finished drying. I was extremely disappointed. Hopefully my exchange will be better...


I received mine on Friday and am quite happy with the printing. There a only very slight imperfections near the collar and aren't really noticeable.


plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls REPRINT! I BEG OF U!




i've got it!!!!!!!!!!!!


If print accuracy gets fixed, I'll buy one. Way cool design.


My printing came out great for me :)


sold out again! cant wait to get mine. Terrific design btw


Are the stripes front and back?


if i buy this and the printing turn out bad, can i get a refund or an exchange?


I absolutely LOVE this design. It's on the front and the back. Very fresh.

It was a total letdown on the execution though. Ink was smeared around the collar and the shoulder seams. The stripes on the shoulders were overlapping in a weird X pattern and the ones on the side seams were overlapping ...

Hope my refund turns out better.


This is probably my favorite shirt ever. Okay yeah, there's a tiny bit of error with the printing. I don't care. The shirt itself is so beautiful and cute I wear it all the time.


yea not very happy with the imperfections on the tshirt and the small size for this shirt doesn't fit like the other tshirts i got from this site. I really like the design though =[


I love this design, and printing-wise it came out pretty good when i bought it, but for some reason it fits differently than the other t-shirts, which kinda bothers me...


@ricardosaavedra same here. my Her Hair came out with that exactly.


Yeah, the printing is screwed and the shirt seems to be a bit larger. Not really happy with this one...

Super Rocker

normally I wear a M on here, but it was quite large this time. I should have gotten a S. But I love the design


The design looks nice but the printing quality is horrible and just looks like a really cheap shirt... sigh but I really love the design...

robic profile pic Alumni

i like strips and color


I agree with the majority of people here, the design is awesome, the fit is ok but the production quality is not good at all; The stripes are smeared on the shoulders and there are huge breaks in the lines where the shirt was screen printed over wrinkles.

Super Rocker

I really like the quality actually....mine was nice and comfortable


Reli unforgetable experience from threadless. The very very bad printing quality...


I wish this tee came in a boatneck! LOL, but seriously!


Agree with all positive comments here!! This is the best one ever :)

Need to check out the print quality after i got it!

Kamikaze Kiwifruit

The print quality on mine really isn't good, but to be honest for $10 and such an awesome design I really don't care! :)


thank god i bought it for 10$, otherwise i would be kinda mad! LOVE the design but the quality is pretty poor. in mine the stripes didn't match on the shoulders. i'm really starting to pay more attention to the "minor printing imperfections" warnings :)


Hi, don't by this t-shirt. The print quality is sooo bad, it is totally crap! :-( I bought it as a gift, but this is pure trashcan quality. Sorry, that's how you piss off your customer! Good job! If you don't manage to print this design, remove it, please! Don't disappoint people! I wish I had seen those comments first ... :_( PS: backside and shoulders are totally messed up


I don't own this shirt, but I just want to warn folks that another all-over print, "Against the Grain" (with owls and wood-grain) has all the same problems mentioned in this comments section. Smeared and gummy ink, tears and breaks in printing, distortion and printed-on-wrinkles, and so on. This appears to be a problem with the process they use on these all-over prints, and must happen a lot! Buyer beware!


I dunno what you're talking about, man. I've bought a few all-over print tees (one of them being Against the Grain) and the print quality is just fine. Just because you got a bad apple doesn't mean they're all rotten.

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