Thunder Cloud, Lightning Strife

  • by ajsolid84
  • posted Oct 09, 2010

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A punny homage to a classic video game character.


i can't really tell which video game it is...but it is familiar! what's the game?

anyways, I do like the illustration even though I can't tell which game it is....

OH! I think it came to me... Final fantasy???

If you have the time, please score and comment on my design: A surfer never forgets


It is from Final Fantasy VII, one of the most popular games of all time. The character's name is Cloud Strife, hence the play on words. The cloud is designed after his iconic spikey yellow hairstyle, and the Lightning bolt is designed after his iconic large Buster Sword.


yea so I did get it eventually:) the sword was what gave me the hint:) very iconic indeed:) anyways, like I said, I like the design and I think that those who get it will have an extra bonus here...but even if some wont, it still looks very nice!


His hair looks even more like a chocobo. x)


Yeha I like this design! Very iconic - As a gamer i get it immediately. Submiiiiit!


I really like it! Even though I haven't played final fantasy and don't get the reference. It's really well done. The only thing that I might suggest is adding some sort of texture. DinoSoaring


Any suggestions before I submit? I want to make it as good as possible.


I wanted to submit a new version that made the connection clearer for anyone who is not as familiar with Final Fantasy and Cloud. This is the version I will be submitting unless anyone else has some reccomendations.

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I squealed. Not gonna lie, I love it. It is a very simple pop-culture pun tee but a damn good one. The title is hilarious!! All FF fans will appreciate this.

If you have some time I would like to know your opinion of mine


I guess I need to submit a final version. I spent some time in the last version making it look like Cloud was actually wearing the shirt, but I can't submit that since it contains artwork to which I do not own the rights. Unless anyone has any other suggestions I'll probably push this into the running.



we can draw a bandanna, with either sais, or katanas, or nunchakus..?? without the Turtle? weird.

Final Fantasy is highly trademarked and copyrighted. :) good luck!


great idea hope for you there won't be problems with copyright ;-)

you're welcome to critique mine if you have time ;-)


Final Fantasy is copyrighted yes, but the current design should not invade on any of those copyrights.


It's up for voting now! Go Vote! Thanks

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