You Sank My Battleship

  • by GrantJH
  • posted Oct 08, 2010

You Sank My Battleship

Watch this

I need, want and desire this tee shirt, please please please for the love of god please reprint!!!!!


i love the design, but it sooooo gets lost in the plcement


I disagree, i think the placement is cleaver and compliments the design.


if they run out size u want what do they do coz i bought some tishirt but love the mens ones but they have run out most of the medium size what do i do ??? thx


i like the placement of it works well


Really, what's special about this design? It's the 10th reprint! Gee..


Not sure if this was intended, but it definitely has a Pearl Harbor vibe. I'd feel bad wearing this around.


How is this in bad taste? Pearl harbor happened 70 years ago, get over it.

And this doesn't even reference pearl harbor. It's just Zeros attacking a battleship, a very common occurrence during WW2. Quit whining and enjoy the shirt.


Apparently the widely accepted humor line is somewhere between Lincoln's death and WW2. I have this shirt. It was funny 5 years ago, it's funny today, and it would have been funny 80 years ago when Battleship came out. A general rule of comedy (and #34 of the internet) is that nothing is sacred.


I actually don't mind wearing this around; I think its a great shirt. But definitely when I moved to Hawaii I thought "Oh shit". The fact that I'm Japanese-American doesn't help either. I'm automatically a sabotaging piece of shit! I never wore the shirt ever again. (Since I'm still here)

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