Not original at all... can't believe this won!

  • by JSpirtos
  • posted Aug 10, 2005
Watch this

yeah.. this has been discussed in other blogs as well. I think the majority of people didn't know until after it was done scoring; I know I didn't.


neither did i. selling out is sweet.

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The guy who designed this shirt is a really good artist, check out his portfolio site and youll see. Im sure this was an honest mistake, give the guy a break.


honest mistake?

Why did he slip up on illustrator and photoshop and happen to come up with the placement as Brad Holland here.

Its no mistake.


Well it's obviously not a mistake since the artist himself called it Holland-esce, illustration.


Keep crying about it guys, maybe the world will change for you...


wow, that is really depressing.


Nice SporadicEnigma, it doesn't bother you that someone is making cash off another persons work?


The problem is the ethics of it, people work hard on their tee designs and for someone simply to just basically copy and paste someone elses idea sucks for Threadless to reward this.

l like to hear what the orignal illustrator has to say about this matter.


augh everybody knows!!! who cares i think its cool. if you dont like it dont buy it. and dont start blogs about saying how much you hate this shirt because it isnt original. give it a rest!!!

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yeah, give it a rest and stop developing and submitting original work sarcastic

lovesickkid83 - I'm just really dissappointed that truely original work submitted to threadless has never been scored so high or received so well by the threadless members, it's sad if you think about it... or not ... no it's just pathetic

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It doesn't sound like Lovesick is saying people should stop developing and submitting original work, but that this original/not original debate is tiresome. There are old German woodcuts very similar to this image, for god's sake, so it's not exactly an original idea by either artist. Perfectly original or not, this is still much cooler than most of the crap that's submitted. I'm buying it to support better shirts.


i think it was unethical of the artist to submit this, but do you guys think the people at threadless knew it was a rip-off when they let it go through? im just wondering...maybe they're finding out as some of us do.

it sucks that it was a stolen idea though. it would have even been ok if he'd take the original and done something to twist that one of the Mona Lisa that has graffiti on it. at least giving credit where credit's due... and not trying to fool anyone.

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has anyone discussed emailing the original artist so he/she could sue the person that submitted the ripped off design?

I don't think its right for someone to make off with a grand in prize money for a design that isn't theres... thats just fraud, plain and simple... and if you're too naive to see that, then you have a mental problem(s)


look alls im saying is that everyone does it.


"member of Threadless since Jun 12 2005 and has scored 4883 submissions, giving an average score of 0.3719. "

damn, you must not likek mucuh of anything on this site.

(sorry, off topic)


i think we should be more upset with someone else other than the guy who submitted the design. i mean, his entry could have easily been dismissed...

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no you're right lovesickkid83, I'm not attacking you, just it's freakin sad that talented designers don't and original work doesn't get as much credit.

I agree with Swingliner too.

4 foks sake, Beasts was incredible, unbelievable, but the folks at TLESS didn't even ask Hester/Zeloot if it was cool to print on yellow, most people didn't like it, including him. You wanna know why they printed it on yellow? why, you ask? because they couldn't release two shirts on baby blue at the same time,,, well I have a solution for that, release ICE CREAM MAN (awesome original shirt!!!) instead and wait on Beasts .

The worst thing to do to an artist, illustrator, designer is to change his/her work with out just asking them if it's okay, it's common courtesy.

gawd, I'll just need to shut up now.... :-P

no I won't actully

Mr Rocks
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It's always gonna come up, but this shirt is a rip, and Robsoul is right. I personally admire the artist's ability to construct an image out of multiple images, photographs and clip art, but the idea is also stolen. Altogether, there's not even an ounce of original thought here.
But saying that, this is still popular, and threadless aren't stupid re: copyright laws so even though I have a problem with the artist and idea, it doesn't bother me that the guys have printed it. There has always been interest in this design, be it negitive or positive, so it already has a great deal of public exposure, and will selll well as a result I imagine.

Don't be disheartened guys, keep submitting the original designs. Oh, Rob, thet ICE CREAM MANN design is crazy! I wish I could have voted on it.


You know the artworks are not that similar. Sure, they are both men on fish who are fishing. But the mood, the feeling, the tone is completely different. I would not want Brad Holland's piece on my tee shirt. Its too dark, forboding, static even. The dude in Hollands picture (to me) has been there as long as the fish which is to say forever, and always will be there. On the T-shirt the fish is going to bite and the man is will be toast.

Likewise, I would not look at the T-shirt for more than a minute. The picture is much more engaging.

Also, (due to the nature of threadless) I have now been exposed to Holland. Never heard of him before.

So, work inspired by art is not art if it is similiar to its inspiriation? Check out Picasso and Braques painting violins.


robsoul why do you keep submitting to Threadless? they print crap and dont take serious art like beasts seriously when printing it?


well, robsoul?


By the looks of it, you have some nerve talking about other's originality! :)


Sixteen months later...




Anyways it turned out the artist did steal that tree...


delete this blog...its been talked about since the shirt was printed 50 years ago... i'm ready to vomit.

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