I Am Shy But You Can Reach Me, Select Girly V-Neck

  • by reedoo
  • posted Sep 30, 2010

I Am Shy But You Can Reach Me, Select Girly V-Neck

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So with the select range, are these made with a one-piece body like the old-school american apparel shirts? Or are they two pieces with side stitching? If they're two piece, are they pre-shrunk to reduce warping (usually happens after washing)?


I love this design; these are the kinds of designs I am most drawn to. nature, animals, intricate patterns. I really like the title of the design as well. My huge appreciation to Sarah Musi, the artist. You have a beautiful sense of design. I would wear this without a doubt.

Isobel Shepherd

This is a beautiful design which I would love to wear, but sadly you haven't seen fit to make it in the 2XL size. I don't suppose this design is available in the regular range too?


It's beautiful and I love that Threadless has new t-shirt styles! But they're a bit too pricey for me. Still I give my support!


My shirt has arrived after its flight over the Atlantic - it's beautiful. My favourite t shirt - the design is gorgeous and the style is so much more flattering than the standard shirts. I love the neckline and the length. Reedoo - they have side stitching. I'm concerned about washing it so I think I'll do it by hand - hassle but worth it IMO for the shirt.

If only these styles were cheaper - then I'd buy all of them.


Lovely design - the title of the shirt is derived from the song "Lakes of Canada" by The Innocence Mission, right? "Walking in the circle of a flashlight/Someone starts to sing, to join in/Talk of loneliness in quiet voices/I am shy, but you can reach me"? Because it really evokes the quietness/"woodsiness" of that song, and...well, Canada, and so on. :)

My main problem with these select shirts is that they aren't printed in the 2XL - apparently for something to be fancy, it can't be made in larger sizes/be worn by larger people? I'm also not sure what it is about these shirts that justifies charging the higher price - if they're made of better material, or what. It's a shame, though - most of the designs are gorgeous, I'd love to wear some.


Mine arrived yesterday - I'm glad I didn't take the advice of 'ordering a size up' from the standard sizing as it fits perfectly and I definately wouldn't want it any bigger! Nice shirt too :)


Wow, I love this and like the style of shirt, but it's a bit too pricey for me :(


Ohhh this is so lovely. Do. Want. Has anyone else bought this - is it worth it? Handwashing seems a bit hassle-y for me... I know I'll forget!


Please reprint this in girls XL! Love this


I wanna get it for my friend but there are no 2xl =[


the color and design are just beautiful. this is one of the best designs I've ever seen on Threadless.

I finally ordered one after the price got knocked down but I ordered a size up like they suggest. . . it was too big so I returned it (that day!!) but by the time they processed my return, the mediums were all sold out! :(


this shirt is sooo cool .love the color palette

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