One second...

Oh my.

I had this exact same fear as a child.
It has yet to be confronted, though.

Watch this

I used to be afraid of that too! I thought I was the only one!
Of course, mine was a lot more involved than just a hand. I had no idea where toilet water came from, so I assumed the ocean. I thought that the crocodile from Peter Pan was going to come out of my toilet.
No effing joke, man.


I used to think you'd have to get out of the toilet stall before the sound the toilet made stopped. So those automatic toilets were hell, because I'd have to be sooo quick pulling up my pants, zippering, etc....

Heavenly Devil

I was always afraid that the abonable snowman from the Rudolf the red nosed reindeer movie was going to come out of the bathtub drain. Creepy.


To pinkelephants:
Seriously? I had no idea what came up when the water went down (nor did not have the Disney/J.M. Barrie ingenuity that you did), so I developed a plan where, after urin-/defecating, I'd wash my hands, quickly flush, and then run out of the bathroom as fast as I could. It caused some confusion in public restrooms.


What was that horror movie with the evil looking little creature coming out of the toilet on the cover? I always worried about that little guy appearing.


I think youre referring to the Ghoulies movies, steak.


Yeah, that's it. Thanks.


For me it was rats, and at one point vampires... I lived in New York City, so you really never know what could pop up.


Afraid that a hand will tickle your ass if you use the toilet?! :o


Holy crap! I didn't know I wasn't the only one, for me it was ice monsters that would reach up and freeze you then you became one of them...


yo i want someone to send in a pic of them on the toilet with that shirt on!!!!! That would be awesome


hahahaha, I can totally relate to everything you guys have said about what comes out of the toilet (aside from the abominal snowman-weird ?:o) I was afraid that Steven King's "It" character would pull me into the toilet with his hand. Ever since my ass has been larger then the toilet seat I haven't worried about it, but I still hate auto-flush toilets and I won't pee in a dark bathroom. I have made friends come with me into a dark bathroom while I peed before.

Bathrooms seem to be the apex of evil between the human realm and the "other" realm.

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i was afraid the blob would come out of the toilet.

it's so funny when you realize that people share the same bizarre thoughts and fears as you!


for me it was little crabs, like the one from the little mermaid only evil, coming up and pinching my butt. i used to have dreams about it. my sister remembers once when i was talking in my sleep and i said "im never going to the bathroom again!" those crabs lived under my bed too, and would pinch me if i let a limb hang over the edge...


This was never my childhood fear, i got the fear after watching dream catcher.


yep, I can relate. I think the fear came from those "toilet duck" commercials with the creepy "germ" monsters "that hide under the rim"...

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