Comics??? Sometime i don't get threadless???

  • by mr.simon
  • posted Sep 27, 2010

Sometimes don't get Threadless!

Congratulations to Keith for winning the Threadless Loves Comics comp with his design but ........ what has this got to do with comics?

Don't get me wrong, it's a great image but really, it's just another generic cute scene with cartoon animals. where's the comic influence? All those poor people who submitted designs based on comics thinking it was relevant were just wasting their time if all Threadless were going to do was to pick a cute image.

Anyway here's my entry into the Tron comp that's still up for votes.

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ape sid

tru dat. I submitted for this contest and feel a great deal of bummed right now. I love the penguins and take nothing away from the great shirt, but this is not a Loves Comics winner.


I couldn't agree more!! A great shirt, for sure, but simply not the right choice for this contest! There were so many kick ass submissions that were "wow"-worthy... This was a HUGE disappointment.


toss a logo at the top and i could easily see this as the cover of ice cream commandos #1.

what would make it more "comics" like in your view? panel borders? word balloons?


yes, maybe. something a little more common to comics. I like the design i just don't think it has anything to do with comics. like it or not, comics is pretty much a set formula " a comic strip" yes with boarders and speech bubbles in a running commentary. That is a comic. And personally I don't think the winning design, how ever nice or cool, sums up comics!
my opinion, not shared by everyone, i guess.


A team maybe? A-team was made into a comic book... Maybe it was a comic first? I don't know, and I am too lazy to wiki.

... that is still an extremely stretched connection though.


one-panel comics are actually fairly common.

i see a number of comic-book tropes in they all scream for ice cream: a team of anthropomorphized animals with fancy equipment and a pimped-out vehicle, fighting monsters.

but if you were hoping for a design that focused on genre aspects like word balloons and halftones, then i can see why you'd be disappointed.

ape sid

At the end of the day, if you show that design to an unbiased person, do you think that they're going to get that it was inspired by comics?

No, they won't. I've tried it. Everyone has liked it as a t-shirt, but comics don't enter into the discussion.

Had the design had the logo at the top with 'Ice Cream Commandos #1' then yes that would've fit the bill. and no, it doesn't have to have word balloons, panels borders, halftones, guys in tights, sound effects or any other comic stereotype. It just has to say 'comics' to the viewer. This doesn't.


Not defending anybody but: Loves Who Are The Judges The selected design(s) will be chosen by a panel of Judges including Threadless staff and a representative from the promotion sponsor(s).

which translates to: not only Threadless chooses the winning design but also THE SPONSOR...

If "the sponsor" had a good day and a sweet coffee cup, then it will choose one thing, if had a awful day... then.. you know the answer...

I'm way past "why the f**k did a certain design win" thing... It's subjectivism.... that's all.

A design chosen as a winner (Loves or not) becomes a bad choice, when it doesn't sell. Until then... "what will be, will be"

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I agree it's an unexpected winner, certainly "inspired by comics" isn't the first thing that comes to my mind. Maybe the plot of an upcoming issue of Chew features ice cream and penguins and zombies.


Cute design, but yeah, I have a pretty wide range of comic interests and am VERY forgiving as to what "is" comics and this just doesn't read.

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