Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in the Attic

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I might buy this if I hadn't already bought a shirt with almost the exact design on it about four years ago. It was a guy with the gun instead, but everything else is almost exactly the same.


I believe it's banksy's art.. I buy it because of that.. but with slight ambivalent feelings.. I just want this shirt..


My boyfriend has this design as a tattoo, i have a shirt. this is amazing!


This is my favorite shirt and i love it so much. Thanks for making it, it is awesome.


This is my favorite shirt and i love it so much. Thanks for making it, it is awesome.

Person 1

Are you Banksy?

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Both this design and Family Guy made me read V.C. Andrews's "Flowers in the Attic". And now after much hemming and hawing, I bought the shirt! Thanks for the sale, Threadless!

if my two cents are worth anything.. I don't think they're going, "Hey guys, I've got an idea! Let's keep reprinting this design submitted in 2003 and never look into the authenticity of the designer and ownership!"


i dont know what to say


Damn! I love this shirt, I've seen this before. I wish it was like school appropriate though, cuz that's kinda shitty. /: We'll see!


Love this. Bought this.


Question, I absolutely love this design and I remember that when it came out it was pink and black and in these pictures it looks red and grey. Is it ever going to be printed again in Pink and black?


I would really love this as an art print...... :D


Concerning the debate over the origin of the design - I'm unable to find evidence of anyone using butterflies as blood/life before Vaughn Bode in his Junkwaffel comics. And since he's the guy almost all old-school taggers got their start by ripping off, it could make sense that this trickled down through banksy or whoever else appropriated the idea and design. Bode is a god.


This is a sweet shirt. I like how they put the main part of the graphic towards the bottom and side of the shirt instead of directly in the middle. I picked up a large.


Ha, they're totally ripping off this design and selling it on Khao San road in Bangkok. You can also get a degree/license/passport/whateverthehellyouwant for like $10, so ya know...


i'm upset that this shirt does not involve the incest that the title implies.

as well, i want to have sex with the model.


i really want to order the girls tee , but i was wondering if the butterflies on the shirt are pink or red...?


I just wanna thank you... I turned this into a tattoo. It actually has a lot of meaning to me, and It's combining with the back piece I already have. Because the quality on my phone is so bad, I turned up the contrast a little bit and went over the butterflies in red tint just a tad. I chose a bright crimson red, the color is still really bold in my skin. Here is it..


this is a great design! can't wait to buy it.


Reminds me of the persona 3 game, nice and sleek design idea


This does look like Banksy's style, but it's not one of his designs. I wrote and asked him through his website. And he actually replied...

Thanks for your email.

Please allow us to settle the argument. The design on the t-shirt you referred to is not a work by Banksy.

Best regards Pest Control Office


Not that I'm saying that jbn did in fact rip anyone off, since he came out with this in 2003 its entirely possible that some mook trying to get himself noticed ripped him off in Bristol. Still, an avenue worth investigating.



Shadow Knight

I love this shirt, but the first day I got it I washed it and the washer put holes in it somehow :(

They're small holes tho so no big deal. ^_^


My boyfriend has a similar design with a desparate man sitting on a chair shooting his head and red birds coming out... He bought it in China about 5 years ago. Is that the original? Anyway, nice shirt


Great colours,fit and feel. For best care, gentle wash inside out to keep the shape and avoid letting pets play with it...


Great design. A guys singlet would be cool..


whats the difference between the two guy shirts?


Well one is $5 and the other is $10, so I'm hoping that's about the extent. If anyone has further light to shed, that would be good.

Anyway, this is an amazing design, I really really love it.


this would look nice as a boat neck.


Love this design! Please print in boat neck tee!


I've had this shirt for years and I always get compliments from it. Also the drummer for Chevelle, Sam wears it in one of their earlier music videos!


I want it in black again. seriously, it looks better in black.


The tank top has less fabric and costs more. Why.


kill everybode if there will not be "M" for the people ))


will this be made into a hoodie??

Bumble Bri

This is made by a street artist named Banksy....This is almost plagiarism...In a way

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