Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in the Attic

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Death By Passion

Damn, that's some powerful imagery! very nice!

ibn shamal

Oddly disturbing, magnificently beautiful. Good colors and subtle design that doesn't overpower the shirt.


I have seen this picture so many times before


This reminds me of a videogame that I played, awesome tee!


Why do the butterflies look pink in some pics and red in others?

Alea Beans

where did you get the image of that girl? its awesome!


BOUGHT THIS TEE TODAY! super siked to get it! :D


Looks a massive amount like a "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" shirt I own, but nonetheless it's still a great design


should i get this or "99 Luftballons"???


@Soy_Shogun: I'd bet my life that you're talking about Persona 3. :D

Love this shirt so hard.


If only this was a hoodie!!!


MAKE HOODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death By Passion

i third it! hoodie please! I logged on to purchase this thinking i could get it as a hoodie..doh!


I adore this design, now, do I have the money?


This is one of the best designs on here


On a hoodie, please! A zippered hoodie!


hoodie would be awesome!


look like a SMT: Persona 3 inspired t-shirt.


Ordered. Wearing it. Why does every tee i get here fit wide in the waist? Every American apparel tee shirt i've ever worn has never fitted like this. I feel like a fatty wearing this... And it's just not this one shirt.....i've ordered over a dozen. All the same :(


Have it, love it.. I see the Banksy inspiration but it makes me sad that everyone thinks that this is his work..

Casimir F

I once saw 2 shirts with similar designs while I was travelling through South-East Asia. One was a group of riot police being attacked by a horde of butterflies and the other a zebra with stripes peeling off its back and morphing into butterflies. Unfortunatly both were only available in extra large, and I'm rather at the opposite end of the size spectrum. The shirts were in a store in Bali called 'Flamingo' I think, and I've been scouring the internet periodically to try and find them ever since, with no success. If anyone could direct me to them it would be greatly appreciated. The one with the riot police is fucking badass.


Per-so-naaaaa I'm buying this and every time I wear it I will think of my favorite lovely game. Great shirt.


Persona 3!!! heck yeah thats what im talkin about


which size is she wearing?dont sure to buy S,M or L


I would definitely wear this as a pullover hoodie!!


Great design, mon préféré. Je ne m'en lasse pas.




ups, i'm sorry! In fact, this seems to be younger than the other! My apologies!


...isnt this a banksy piece?


I want this lady on the tank photo to be a model more often :)


Because Threadless is not American Apparel? and thank god for that...


Threadless isn't American Apparel...


"The one with the riot police is fucking badass." YES!


I love this shirt. I have one, and people are always surprised by it. At first, they're like, "Oh, cute." And then I move my arm and they see the rest of the print. It's priceless!!!


i mean, if this IS indeed YOUR original work, good on ya, and well, now you know someone else has stolen it. But if it is you who has stolen the design, well then shame on you.


This artwork was created by Banksy


I bought a singlet with this exact design from Bondi Beach Australia and it was made in CHINA about 6 years ago.


The butterflies are great! Overall, really nice design.

jbyron profile pic Alumni

While the legitimacy of my design is being discussed yet again… i wanted to do a little shameless self promotion. I have a new pocket-size book available of (mostly) unpublished illustrations. Over 60 full color designs. Anyone interested can see samples and find a link for purchase here -

Zzoe Rowan

Well, someone with more time and resources than i should research this, for the sake of this sites claims to ethical legitimacy. This desigh seems to have been 'out there' long enough to have made it to other brands of t-shirt, as well as indoor wall art and a couple of tattoos, and that's just the beginning.... Options: 1) Art by J.B.Nelson 2) Art by Banksy 3) Art by 'Other' and folks think it's Banksy 4) J.B.Nelson is Banksy Someone please clear this up.

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