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Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 3, Vol. 1

Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 3, Vol. 1

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This shirt kills...literally!


Reprint 2xl please! :)


Finally, a design that kicks ass and is available in the size I want. This is the type of design I can only hope to emulate in the future.


This shirt is sweet. I just got it today, but mine doesn't have the barcode at the bottom. whats up with that? Though it seems like a small detail, its part of the design and it adds a lot to it and i'm sad because even in the event of a return and exchange, medium is now sold out. No hard feelings to threadless, but WE NEED A REPRINT!!!!!!


my preferred t-shirt!


Bought this shirt and loved it :D


Of all the shirts I've bought so far, this is my most favorite.


Probably one of my favourite shirts ever! Zombie AND superhero. So much nerd love. And I totally agree with pongmuangchan on the Ms Marvel reference.


This is also my favorite of all the ones I bought and now I need a new one. I got a stupid stain on my current one, Rats! Please bring it back soon in a Lg for mens. Pretty Please.


Still one of my favourite Threadless tees in my collection! Please bring it back before mine dies

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