Ride the lightning

  • by PyroBobby
  • posted Sep 25, 2010

Watch this

Getting around town has never been easier.


I know, I find it slightly bland myself, but it is a work in progress. Any suggestions as to the color of the shirt or detail? Add clouds? Add a flock of birds flying in the distance? Suggestions are appreciated. ^^


wow .... great and dangerous idea :) what about to try to make the lighning different collor ? yellow?

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I think it would look better if all the graphics were white to be honest. The lightning could be yellow.


Before I started, I planned on contrasting colors, the black buildings against the white birds are definite. The color of the lightning, I'm yet to decide. Borderline yellow.


On second thoughts, with white buildings and the lines of the power lines still black, it actually looks slightly better. The color of the lightning. Currently I've chosen a light yellow. Currently considering adding more birds flying away from the approaching man, clouds, and people walking on the walkway below in black.


I like the idea very much! but I think you should work a little on the lightning. maybe it should go around the line, so you still can see the black line. and maybe an other color. but I think it´s an great idea and a nice illustration so far!

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Going to make it a night time scene. I tried adding stars but it looked bad. Changed the lightning, nothing too big. Lights of both houses and the electricity has super-glow.

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