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takin' a dip.

  • by Papaprime
  • posted Sep 24, 2010

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I'm testing this out to see if all the puddles and colors read well.


i like it and it's funny, you could work a little the wings and the brown drops flayng around: it's hard to distinguis it from the background...maybe try to add some brown tones or to enlarge the light brown areas......i had some "problems" finding the end of the wings of the bird taking a bath, it's not so clear and i think it will be even less clear on a real tee

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Yeah, its really adorable and matched with Tee, dude! I just finished the latest version. I need your critique. You can see the progress works here.


ha ha nice one agree with cescobesco and maybe it could be clearer what is the thing in which they are swimming :)

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I added a dark brown 6th color to make the bbq more defined.

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Thanks, anyone else?


Ha! I love it! At first, I didn't understand why you'd dip chicken in chocolate... then it all made sense!

Very nice! (The poor little things look so innocent and happy! they don't have a clue!!)

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haha! funny stuff! great design, and I love that the chickens are nugget shaped. the only thing I might change is the beak of the chicken in the bbq sauce. his beak intersects with the line of the body, and it would work a bit better if the beak extended past the body. kinda hard to explain, i hope that wasn't too confusing. overall, love the design!

i've got one too!

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I have heard a couple of people say that the sauce looks like chocolate. please let me know if you prefer this version, or the last without the reddish bbq.

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BBQ bump


Love the somewhat twisted idea :), though when I saw it, I thought they were swimming in dark chocolate. Make the color slightly redder and that should fix your problem, the lighting isn't consistent (See beak). Other than that I love it. :)


Yes, it looks chocolately to me too--though maybe chocolate is better than BBQ sauce (of course, you'd have to change the container if you went with chocolate).

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I'll play around with the BBQ tone. When you refer to the beaks lighting, are you talking about the chick in back? If so, that's supposed to be sunblock :)


!!! I love this. Totally the kind of shirt I would buy. I concur with the chocolate thing, but chocolatey or no I still love this.


I really like your design. It's cute! For the sauce, I don't mind if it look chocolaty, It looks fine for me.

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For those of you content with the dip looking chocolatey, you aren't bothered that it defeats the purpose of the chicks looking like chicken nuggets taking a swim in a fast food restaurant's BBQ packet?


I think that the T-shirt colour might be adding to the chocolatey look of BBQ sauce. With the brown colour of the shirt there is not enough contrast to the BBQ sauce. You might have to go much redder then BBQ sauce normally is to get the right colour contrast. Other then that, I really dig the idea.


This is way too cute for my eyes! This looks amazing and the sauce is better. The sauce really doesn't bother me, BBQ sauce is a dark brown/reddish color which is what yours looks like.

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now on black, I think this will clear up the BBQ v. Chocolate visuals.

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I am at 6 colors, so I could shade the yellows and oranges, I just don't want to overdo it :)


could the shadow color of the barbecue sauce be more prominent, if not more red. If you were to err on the side of having it look more like chocolate or more like blood, I would almost say having it be confused for blood at first is funnier than having it be confused for chocolate, but that's just me. at first I was thinking this was some kind of chocolate factory for peeps. After I figured it out, it was very funny -- cool design.

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enhanced bbq color and shadows and some minor tweaks

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This is really good. I love it on the black tee. Maybe you could add some shadow on the flour..

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Great work! The glisteny highlight on the sauce makes it much more obvious (and less chocolatey!). Well done.

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