My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle

  • by Otar
  • posted Sep 23, 2010

My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle

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Please reprit this ;w; PLEASE!


black and blue would be awesome, please reprint!!!


Haha, definitely would not be better on black... It would have to be a whole new design. There's nothing wrong with these shirts with this color. It's the original Tron, not Tron Legacy.


I got this in the mail a day early (Great surprise!) And I LOVE it. The inside is SOOOOOOO soft and the fit is great, except for the sleeves, which I have to roll up a trillion times just to see my hands. (Then again, I have naturally midget-y arms) This is my first article of clothing from Threadless, and I loved how they put the title inside! Sooooo cewl! Thank you Rolf!


I got the Sark hoodie and t-shirt today. Happy at first. But the print job was beyond bad. Parts peeling, missing and so on. The paint smells REALLY bad! I am happy I didn't pay full price. I do like the design but I'm upset with the printing job that I have to fix.


Nice design, love problem with smell until I left it in the car overnight, and now the hoodie and my whole car reeks of rotten eggs! Not just a little whiff, but overpowering stench! BLECH! What the heck? Completely ruined. This thing shouldn't be sold like this.

There are glow-in-the-dark inks that don't reek of sulphur but I guess Threadless doesn't use them?

Quite unhappy and disappointed.


Just got mine in the mail and whoa... really disappointed with the print job on the front. The ink was super thin in some places and super thick in others. Really sloppy and un-professional. I was really shocked. I've never seen this shoddy of print done by Threadless. =/


I really dont get why people want these on black...the original Tron costumes werent black....though on gray would be accurate


I got a tron jacket and my sister got the sark one well hers is missing a shoulder and mine has a small rip at the top of the hoddie :| i can fix the rip but what about the other shoulder of my sisters?


I had the shoulder on my sark hoodie missing too! And the print is a little crooked on the one side near the bottom. The other one was perfect and the damn blue shirt is too small! =( But otherwise they're great!


Reprint again I missed like always and I just want my mermaid green hoody in a Large.....please ask for reprint peoples.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I chanced the mermaid hoodie a few months ago, and this was after reading all the comments about terrible pilling, thin ink screens, and misaligned printing.

Mine arrived imperfect, but I'm pretty happy with it. Along the zipper the print's offcentre by about half an inch. The ink's really thick on one shoulder, looks normal on the other one and the hoodie, and kind of thin on the front. Excess threads on the inside, but no pilling and I guess that was my main concern when I bought it.

Glow works well (better where the ink is thickest of course) though admittedly there are few real opportunities to be in the dark and have people admire the glow. I finally wore it to the movies yesterday and made a show of excusing myself as the trailers started so I could come back with the theatre all dark. My friend didn't even notice.

Overall the design's eye-catching enough without the glow, and the mermaid green is nice. On a small note, combined with the white ink it is a bit hard to wear with other colours.


I purchased the Asphalt Guys Tee and when I did a load of washing I couldn't understand why it all smelled of rotten eggs. After a second wash I discovered that it was this T-shirt that was the culprit. Reading the comments here I have found that I'm not the only one to get the 'Rotten Egg' experience.


My size is out...GAHHHH! :,(


Is this one all out? It doesn't list anything for me. :(


@Lahar, you excused yourself from the theatre just to return in a flood of radiant glowing light? You're the best.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

v I think it was the finest moment I'll ever have in my life.


I saw this too late! I'm sad, I'd really like that mermaid green hoody ;/


Reprint as either white with glowing blue like the original or black with glowing blue!


please reprint the light blue shirt, n also can a sweatshirt made like this but light blue too? i dnt really take a fancy to such bold colored clothes haha


I also had a bad experience with the smell on the Sark shirt. The mermaid green hoodie I got smells fine, but man. I can't even go out in public with the way the shirt smells without feeling self conscious.


I received my Sark hoody this week and am extremely pleased with it! I have no smelly issues, fortunately.




Mine's got the weird smell too. Never really an issue unless I wear it out in extreme humidity or rain. Starts to smell weird, just let it air out and its fine again.


noooo!!! I missed it. I don't care whether it costs 49 bucks or 19. I want this hoody


just got my Sark hoodie yesterday no smell yet but the ink is different thicknesses and missing spots all over not just at the seams or the shoulders like i expected


Please reprint the shirts and zip up hoodies!!! My size M is sold out and S in hoodies :( REPRINT!!!


please reprint the hoodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please please please please reprint this!!!!!!


Reeeeeprint !


Peeps - I asked for a reprint and they said they have no plans to... Why would you do this threadless? LOOK how many orders you would have on day one! I'm sure we'd all be willing to wait a month or so if you need a certain amount of pre-orders before you go into production. Please consider this alternative to no reprint at all! I for one, would buy 5 today (2 for myself and the rest as Christmas gifts)!


how can tell which one is the Tron(blue) hoodie?


I honestly don't care if the design isn't perfectly aligned or if it smells from the rain, I WANT THIS JACKET!! Reprint the mermaid hoody small or medium!!!!!


Reprint this. It would make me mucho happy-o.


Great design; too bad Threadless prints this on a shirt that stinks of rotten eggs. No amount of washing gets rid of the stench, which contaminates your closet and your whole house with the rank odor. If your t-shirt drawer smells like death, this shirt is your culprit.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

It's the ink of the asphalt prints that has that smell. Worsens when wet apparently. Some people here have recommended spot cleaning those hoodies/shirts, and to avoid wearing it out in the rain and stuff.


why does this shirt not glow in the dark? threadless has done glow prints before, get it done!


Louis435, the light blue or mermaid with white stripes is supposed to be the programs, but they messed up the colors. That's partially why we want a re-print. Like I said earlier, let's make it white with blue stripes, or black with blue stripes. The white is the original, and the black looks nicer. Where the heck did mermaid with white stripes come from?


this needs to be reprinted NOW!

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