My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle

  • by Otar
  • posted Sep 23, 2010

My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle

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Okay, so it wasn't just me and the smell with the Asphalt hoodie. I gentle cycle washed it and Fabreezed it, which kind of worked, but not that well. You just have to wait it out. It'll go away eventually. I've had no issues with the Mermaid hoodie; smell, glow, etc.

End of line.


Hey, got this hoody a couple weeks ago. first of all, i love the design, really cool and it's Tron, so it's awesome. Second, the bad stuff, as said, it reeks when it gets wet and i mean REALLY reeks. and mine is also out of line. tbh after a couple of bad experiences with threadless, I'm starting to really get put of it.


K, I bought this..a fa month or two ago. In Mermaid Green.

First of all, the size was HUGE. I ordered a girl's Medium (which is the size I am) & it looked like a guys' medium. But I didn't return it, it just felt like too much of a hassle.

Secondly, the design is pretty off. Near the zip line, it almost looks like its "melted" or something. I've been trying to get it off, but no dice.

Well, I guess I got a bit lucky. My hoodie doesn't reek & it glows pretty good in the dark..but only when it's completely dark.

I'm just a little dissatisfied with how much the hoodie costs for the quality of it.


got mine over the summer virtually no issues with the print quality (looks fine maybe a few cm to high or low one a side but no issue) smells fine, glows well in the dark, and will look smashing at the midnight showing of Tron legacy.



the zipper is a bit poorly made


I ordered the asphalt hoody, and it looks like a factory second. The design is misaligned. The sleeves are way too long, and different lengths to boot! I decided to avoid the hassle and expense of return shipping (Also I was concerned that the next hoody I received might not be any better overall). It had a faint "made-in-China" chemical smell, so I washed it before wearing it.

Washing this hoody in the washing machine produced a large amount of hydrogen sulphide gas - well beyond the volume capabilities of any human digestive system. For people wondering if the smell is that bad, well, yes it is. Washing this hoody just once, stunk out my laundry, the adjoining room (even though the door was shut) and my entire backyard.

The smell seems to be coming from the paint, which is still tacky to the touch. This hoody still reeks so much after the second wash that it is unwearable. I think all of the glow in the dark properties will have been washed/worn away before I even get a chance to wear this garment for the first time.

The quality control is so poor that I am having serious doubts about ordering anything else from Threadless in the future.


Buy at your own risk! I love the look of this hoodie, I don't even mind that the pockets were painted shut and the design is misaligned. Gives it an authentic sort of vibe, or something.

BUT! the sleeves are way too long and the small seems awfully large over all. My main complaint is that after a week of ownership the whole thing is covered with pilly little cotton balls. It already looks worse than the hoodie I bought this to replace.

Pretty disappointed, Threadless. {{sad emoticon here}}


I like~!!


Got the Asphalt hoodie, definitely with some of the other comments. The paint does have a weird smell to it however I have yet to wash to out about the smell. The selves ARE too long personally its fine by me. The only thing that actually disappoints me is that glow-in-dark barely appears in on the front however the printing on the shoulders head show up perfectly in the dark. I've been wearing it for about a week so I don't if its because of the vest I wear and all the glow-in-the-dark features rubbed off on it or was already wore down before it was delivered.


Got the Light Blue shirt, As the other poster said, the Shoulders glow well, the front of the shirt does not.

Very Disappointed.


I agree with SylviaCaroline on this. I have the mermaid hoodie and I've never had any garment show so much pilling so quickly. It's a bummer.


I really do love this hoodie, but it definitely has its flaws... I'm glad I bought it on sale. My design for the most part is printed pretty evenly across the whole thing, and it seems to glow better than others. My biggest complaint tho, is that I've had it for a little over a month, I don't wear it that often. I only wear it when we go to ElecTRONica at Disneyland (once every weekend), and maybe a couple other days here and there, I don't wear it since I don't want it getting messed up, and it's just covered in those pills. I've never even seen fleece pill this bad so fast. I'm a little disappointed in Threadless for the quality of the sweater it's printed on, and it's made me really apprehensive about considering ordering any other hoodies. I also have refrained from ordering the asphalt hoodie for my bf, due to all the complaints about the smell.


I've got a bit of off-center printing on mine. It was initially disappointing, but I've grown used to it and no one seems to notice unless I point it out.

My major disappointment is the fact that this hoodie pills like nothing I've ever seen before. The sleeves are covered in them on the inside from the elbow to the wrist, likely due to rubbing against the sharpness of the zipper when it's unzipped. However, I've noticed pilling in other spots across the front, where I wouldn't think the zipper would touch.

It glows bright though, which is awesome. It's actually a very comfortable and warm garment, but the pilling really bothers me.


I recently got the mermaid hoodie and as much as I love the design and color, the quality of the print and most of all the material is really disappointing. It's the worst I ever got from Threadless. When I take it of I'm covered in blue pills and fibers that stick to my shirt. Really disappointed.


This might be my favourite hoody from threadless. I have it in mermaid and it looks great, glows well. I do agree with Oobgarm and the pilling is a little ridiculous.


ok seriously how much of this is supposed to glow ?


why hasn't threadless looked at this thread and tried to fix the problem yet?


so cool--i want ALL of these tron tees! :D


aside from the hoodies, does the design on the tees glow too?


Absolutely love the design, but WTH is up with the smell when the shirt gets wet?! I thought someone bombed my bathroom! I love the shirt too much to return it, so I'll have to devote a washer and dryer just for this shirt. It does put a damper on my relationship with it, though.


I see pictures from some users (like Doonce and hesitait) that have a darker blue hoodie with the Sark design (the one with the 'V'). Is this version not available anymore?


I see pictures from some users (like Doonce and hesitait) that have a darker blue hoodie with the Sark design (the one with the 'V'). Is this version not available anymore?


I see pictures from some users (like Doonce and hesitait) that have a darker blue hoodie with the Sark design (the one with the 'V'). Is this version not available anymore?


Thanks martiandrivein. Sorry about all the extra posts. Don't know how that happened!


i want this sooooo bad, but i've read a ton of bad comments about how bad the reprints are. are they really THAT bad?


is their anything wrong with the blue tees?


Aaaaah **


This T-Shirt 'should' be so sweet!! However, the reprint I received was terrible. I had noticed that the shoulder print on one side was incomplete but was willing to ignore that - in fairness, they do warn you about prints of this type. That being said, the second time I wore it my wife pointed out that the whole print was lop-sided (the first was under another shirt and thus unnoticeable). Honestly, save yourself some cash/grief and pick out something else. There is a lot of quality elsewhere on this site. Also, my shirt could have been the exception to an otherwise awesome set of reprints - are you feeling lucky?


To clarify: I picked up this t-shirt in light blue and no, mine doesn't glow worth a damn either. Replacement or substitution is probably in order based on the number of dissappointed purchasers and related comments.


I LOVE this but only my shoulder-things glow. Its kind of disappointing. And now because of the comments im scared to wash it


my design was OK i guess but the size was a lil bit small for me.. should've got a L :(


Just got my light blue tee today. :) Luckily, it doesn't smell funny. I held it up to the light for about half a minute before testing it out and it glowed pretty well. The design near the seams on the shoulder cracked a little, but overall I'm happy with the shirt. Hopefully the washing machine won't kill it or maybe I'll have to hand wash it. lol.


I bought the light blue shirt and I like it a great deal. I would have liked it to be in the mermaid green instead now that i see it on hand. The light blue is okay. I cant wait to the movie were i will be wearing this shirt.


I just got the mermaid green hoodie of this in the mail today. I don't know if I just got lucky, but it glows just fine all over. And, it doesn't smell funny or pill like everyone has been saying in previous comments. Personally, even if it didn't glow/stopped glowing I'd still love it to death and wear it all the time. Though I agree, I'm a bit hesitant to wash it.


Is there anything wrong with the asphalt hoodie at all?


Does anyone know whether the glow-in-the-dark ink glows brighter on the Light Blue or Asphalt shirt?


I love the blue version but I'm returning the asphalt reprint I just got. The print on the sleeves are so sloppy that some of the lines look melted. On the other hand, the blue shirt had great lines.


got the asphalt hoodie (sark), glows well but only for a short period. Looks great fits great super comfy material. SMELLS LIKE BUTT. My wife won't hug me when I wear it, At first it wasn't too bad, since I have washed it it is worse. If it gets rained on it gets EVEN WORSE. It sucks because the design is awesome, and so is the material, I guess it's the glow in the dark paint. If it is they should offer a non-glow.non-smell version. My favorite hoodie until it started to stink, now I can;t even wear it. Threadless I am not the first to mention this here, any response?

Starfish Reverie

Too bad the good guy shirt is white on light blue and therefore sucks. :(


I seem to be one of those rare people who got a fairly well-aligned, non-pilling mermaid hoody - the sleeves are quite long but I'm okay with that. For girls, order a size down - I'm usually a large in tees and found the medium hoody was a great fit. Certainly it doesn't smell like the asphalt one apparently does :D


I wore my light blue Tshirt for the first time at the TRON Legacy opening at 12.01 am on Thursday 16th Decmeber, as the Sydney IMAX. Basically, the first release showing in the world on the biggest screen on the planet.

I did not know that it glowed in the dark until the lights went down at the beginning of the film! Epic!


How true is the mermaid green one to size? I'm a girl's medium, but a bit concerned it would be too big...

Cream Puff

I originally wanted to buy the asphalt hoodie, but after reading a few too many ill reviews, I decided to opt with the t-shirt instead. I have to say, it glows fantastically in the dark! I immediately wanted to go laser bowling. Or something. My shirt has no printing errors and it fits true to size for me (a girly small), but what others have said about the smell is absolutely true. It distinctly smells like sulfur, particularly when it's wet. Fortunately, no one around me says they can smell it, but I'm a little wary of the odor nonetheless.

Can't wait to see TRON: Legacy while wearing it. Epic nerdgasm.


why Hoddy main page says they are worth 12 dollars and here it appears that cost 30?


I got the blue (mermaid) hoodie and I was really disappointed to find that it doesn't glow in the dark :(


@dxa Because they're advertising the t-shirt price on the main page.


For: Girly Mermaid Hoody Pros: Very soft fabric, cool design, mine smells fine Cons: You must wash this separately because it makes so much lint, does not glow well even on 1st wearing, part of the design came off in 1st wash (machine, cold, gentle, hang dry), fits big for size

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