The Madness of Mission 6

The Madness of Mission 6

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finally, i reprint! i love the bold colors as well as fantastic artwork


I think it's awesome!


One of my favourites! I buy myself a second one as a spare?


sweet shirt! deff one of the best


Yes! I can finally get my hands on this awesome shirt.


Sick shirt, especially the concept and colors


So glad to see this got printed, awesome concept and well deserved win!

fisher marten

Yeah, been waiting for this one!


Wow... I JUST got this shirt... I never noticed the pills and oddly enough, THAT'S what tipped me off :P Brilliant concept.'


Hey Travis it's Joe ordered the Mission 6 shirt. Awesome.


Yeah, a funny but horrorable sight!


It's nice to see a Pac-Man shirt that isn't a Ghostbusters reference. I love the story that goes with it. This shirt is too cool not to buy!


Just bought this! And I just noticed the Atari logo on Peckmann's arm.


hahaha I ordered this without even realizing all the pacman references......clearly I need more sleep, but now I'm even more happy I bought this :p

StevenRice profile pic Alumni

Couldn't buy it ! I've been too late twice!

REPRINT!!!!!!! small


This is one of the coolest shirts in existence!


Realy Love It, nice job ;)


I love this t-shirt. The design reminds me of a painting from one of my father's late 70s OMNI magazines, which scared the crap out of me. This marks twice that I have missed getting this shirt! Threadless, reprint this reprint - I need a guys XL!


I'm trying to order one of the last Medium size guy's shirts and I can't add them to my cart? why??? PLZ help! I really want to buy this tee!!!


reprint pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!11

banana goat

I just got this in the mail today!! It's awesome and it fits perfectly!! Thanks !!!!!!


Pacman. Jeez. I've seen this shirt for the past two years and never realized it. Even got one as a gift for a friend.


LOVE this design! It reminds me so much of the Doctor Who episode "Silence in the Library".


This tee makes me HAPPY. Bought one for my boyfriend, and now that it's ten dollars, I might just buy it as a birthday present to myself :D.


I love this! I might get it for my brother for Christmas... Also, what's with all the astronaut helmets on this site? They're pretty rad, I wish I could have one!!

StevenRice profile pic Alumni

Namco has been pulling shirts with pacman references....lets see them try to stop this shirt!!!! awesome

Paradox Clone

@Sebastian1415: I'm pretty sure that "Mission 6" is an allusion to one of Travis' previous designs, "The Mystery of Mission 5". It was only available through the Tee of the Month Club; this shirt is definitely a worthy sequel however.


I saw this shirt on GamesRadar's holiday gift guide; Threadless has one of the most amazing selections of video game inspired shirts I've ever seen. This design is absolutely brilliant. Bravo, Travis. I hope I'll be able to get a copy of your Mission 5 shirt someday too.


please reprint more sizes for women! particularly medium!!!


its about pacman. the astronaut is pacman and the zombie astronauts are the ghosts. and the pills are the white dots pacman eats in the game. very creative. i love it


how do people not immediately get this??? look at his helmet first off lol. AMAZING SHIRT!!!!! wow


we need a reprint! I want a hoodie out of this bad boy

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I never knew this was a pacman reference til today (after reading David Schwen's comment). But I must admit, I never read Travis's blurb up top either. I just gave this a 5 back in 2006 because it was a cool illustration! HA! TRUE STORY!


it says this shirt is $10 when looking through the collection yet once you click on it says $10???


Abed is wearing this on tonight's episode of Community.


Yeah I saw Abed wear his last night so I'm wearing mine today! I also think he might have had on a white threadless shirt with a giant robot on it but I'm not 100% sure.


Just saw Abed on Community on NBC wearing this shirt. Beyond AWESOME!!


i want this sooo bad!! :D


need hoody!


reprint medium!!!!


My brother really likes this.. Plz reprint medium I might need one myself... :)


I'd buy a couple of these if they get to wear and one to have when my first one wears out! Love this shirt--please sell more soon!

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