Rebel Hoot

  • by cyclic
  • posted Sep 16, 2010

Watch this

This lil' guy ain't part of your system!rnNo one tells him what interrogative word to exclaim.


This was rejected for submission. It is a simplistic design, but I feel the execution and idea are sound. Somebody help me out here. THNX! - - - -ps. 'what' instead of 'who'


ok. changes: outlined in black; stronger lines on word bubble; bigger eyes; changes to face, ears, mouth and chest; less colors/diff colors. 5-color design. I maintain that the "what" Vs "who" is only funny if it is only subtly obvious, ie it takes a second.


so glad I was forced to make changes. the orig looks pretty lame now. Thnx threadheads.


maybe i will resize the letters to better fit the bubble. Hellooooooooooooh Threaaaaaadleeeeeessss Foooooruuuuuuuuumm echo echo echo echo echo echo. . . . .


I would make the end of the bubble more realistic, to a point. Yes, fit the letters better and I think your owl still needs some work.

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