Happy Thanksgiving My American Threadfriends!


Watch this

I got it, but it took a while. Non-Europeans just won't. There might be a chance with the country's names written down. Also why is Turkey cropped out? The color codes should relate to EU/non EU countries.


Turkey is cropped out cause I just used the first map of Europe I found that was easy to manipulate, I will do a better one.

I think adding the country names would work well and perhaps I need to zoom in around the countries immediately around Hungary and Turkey.

I kind of don't want to put names on Hungary and Turkey, do you think if I left those two names off people would get it?

Need to rethink the colour coding too but that can come later. Thanks Manupix for the input.

Moar Please


I think it's a cute concept. It seems like it should be consistent though, either all the countries are labeled or not. I was thinking it might be clearer if you added "I'm Hungary... mmm... Turkey."

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