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Hello again

So, i've not been around these parts in ages - i've been away making stuff like this Sci Fi Eye Chart

But i thought I'd drop by and see if any of the old familiar faces were still around. Oh and shamelessly prostitute this design looking for votes and comments...

Watch this

Oh hai again


well hello sir


hey 700


I am a member of the 700 club

what's up buddy, I like the pencil shirt


Hey - the gang is all here : )


What up man? Haven't seen you around here in forever, now I'm re-angry that you don't have a shield yet.


Cheers - it's the first thing I've felt like subbing here in ages, not sure how well it'll do, but figured it was worth a try.

Good to see all these newly crowned purple peeps : )

And frikenawesome - i've been watching what you've been up to in another parallel tee selling universe - good stuff : )


Hi hi hi! Welcome back!


Phew, it made it through the brutal 24hour period : )


hey good to see you back round! nice shirt!


Damn, was hoping for a little bit of a higher score than that : (

Thanks though for all the votes and comments : )

I know it's not great etiquitte (or e-tee-quitte) but if you want to know if this ends up printing anywhere else - you could always join my facebook group .

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