Oh No...There goes Tokyo!

  • by herky
  • posted Sep 14, 2010

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Many thanks to Threadless for basically giving me the green light with my creative freedom and printing my zany select design. Looking at the model/product shots, I think it looks fabulous printed on the T (of course my personal opinion is slightly biased). I've always had an interest in "Kaiju" (Strange Beast or better known as giant Japanese monsters) and Poker.

The following are the "Kaiju" which were the inspiration for this design. My favorite is of course the king, Godzilla. Can you recognize or name them all?

Rough sketch/concept:

Finished design:

Watch this
jess4002 profile pic Alumni

great jorb! it looks great!


Words can't even describe how awesome I think this is. YOU'RE THE BEST!

silverqe profile pic Alumni

Hey I modeled this awesome shirt and got to keep it!!! :)

Great work herky the shirt is fabulous in person

herky profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone!

squinty, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Cheers silverge, I didn't realize that was you. I must say both you and the shirt look terrific!


Love Kaiju!!

Great design. I recognize all of them except the samurai character. Who is that?


The Samurai is Daimajin. This shirt is soo good. I like that you included obscure Kaiju like Guiron.

herky profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone! Yes the samurai character is Daimajin.


Well done. Probably the only shirt that will feature the kaiju my username comes from. A must buy.

herky profile pic Alumni

Ha, very true Gigan22, thanks.

Cheers ratkiss!

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