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Need Help About Submitting Design.

I noticed there's some change at the submitting design page.

" Required: JPG, GIF or PNG file:

This design file MUST be a 640 pixel wide jpg, gif or png no more than 800 pixels tall and under 250kb. "

It seems requires designs on jpeg, gif, or png, unlike the past that if you only want to submit the flash presentation, you don't need to submit those jpegs/gif/png files...

My question is how did this work? Because I saw lot of submission with flash presentation without showing the image files, so I don't get why Threadless still need the image file.

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JacquesMaes profile pic Alumni

It's for the people that don't have flash supported on their browser, they get to see the .jpg

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

Ic, thank you Jaakie!

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