• by emodist
  • posted Sep 10, 2010

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Ariane B

cool, simple and cool im not a fan of the color you chose, difficult to wear in my opinion, light orange! and also the color of the eye, why dark red? but apart from that, its nice :) good work, and good luck :) feel free to comment and score me, only 3days left for my design ;) http://www.threadless.com/submission/295957/The_Wish_Tree


so its double cool! thanks so much! ill change tee color after a few more comments and suggestions. i already finished scoring your work and its a 4$! cheers!


I love the thick outlines, really makes it stand out. :) No problems with the shading, but I must agree with Ariane, the orange shirt doesn't tend to be popular, unless the actual design contains different shades of orange, and even then, it's still not that great a color. The only other problem is the eye, I've never seen dark red eyes :S, try something more natural yet still 'in your face'-like. The designs also just a little bit too big for my liking.

Wonder what flavor purple ice cream is. :)


nice, I would just for added touch maybe break the stem on the cherry, otherwise great job and l like the concept all together


i would try this on blue :) its great!!


I would totally wear it, on a different color shirt Excellent job! Would you like some Fashion Cookies..?

matt attack

haha very nice, the only thing is that i think the cone looks a little too plastiky. just all the little squares. but other than that it's cool, and it's not a major!! would be neat to see it on a real tee. and yea, change the shirt colour i think.

please comment and score my swallows


hahaha.... this is nice! i would prefer it to go smaller, then it'd be great! well done! :)


again a real eye-catcher you did, emodist! I´m not sure about the tee-colour, though.

if you have the time I would be happy if you could have a look here


Repeating the others - shirt needs a different colour and the design could be smaller. And the two little drops of ice cream near the top of the cone also should have the thick outline everything else has. Also something to try and see how it might look: coloured lineart.

Overall, the illustrations is fun and nicely done though.


hi! just a heads up: leaving links to your work in other people's submissions up for scoring is considered rude. more info about the subject here


Like the outlines, I would make the melting ice cream lines more fluid though, they look a little too blocky



-make design smaller? -there are two splotches of ice cream on the cone that don't have the thicker outliner; looks out of place. -shading on the eyeball.


The checkers in the cone could be give a bit more depth. I'd rather seem more of a raised panel in each checker as opposed to this quick tic tac toe line.

You might play around with not making the eye so obvious. Take the different colors in the eye and repeat them in the ice cream swirl.

And unless you design involves Pumpkins and Tigers playing Basketball don't use Orange.


I like the idea and I don't mind the orange shirt color. Although, I think the other colors need to complement each other better. Maybe try some warm grays and pale oranges. Also, rather than have an eye with ice cream on top of it, maybe try to combine the ice cream and eye into one thing.


Revised cone detail. Additional fine details and background spike. Change of color scheme.

Ice cream flavor: Ube. Tell me what you think? Any proposal for the placement? Thanks!

p.s. kindly avoid leaving "links", you might get spanked by threadless, cause i had one already. *sorry ^^


Texture is a nice and subtle.

I'd still like to see those panels on the cone give more depth.

I preferred the design anchored on the side. Thought the sunburst makes it look good centered.

Funky Turtle

Love the style and concept! Great color usage as well! Fav part of the design is the stem of the cherry! =) Makes me hungry! =)

matt attack

haha this looks so cool!! good job. sub it!


5$ for ube ice cream! The texture is great and the colors are working better than before.


My apologies for the late update! Heres another version, black colored tee and changes on accents.

What do you think? Thanks!


I like the black. Nice work the only thing I might add would be a mouth screaming maybe from the cone. IT might help define the title. Love your style! NICE Check my work out? Moosestachet


I think yes, I would submit it ... :))

I would really appreciate if you comment: Amor´s pilots and bad luck


its a bit quite again here... how i wish its legal to put a thread every time you make a comment. *sigh


thanks puku! good job on your design!

p.s. how do you put that kind of link? not too familiar with html, can you help me? thanks


You can link with

text to display

you probably figured it out already, target url is the url to open (dont forget the "" ) Text to display is the text everybody can see. The closing tag is also very important or it wont work.

Love your design. Go ahead and submit.

If you can spare a minute, please comment on my crit here


ohhh, right i forgot that the tags will automaticly be converted.

O.K. i write it again and put stars in between, leave those out and you good to go.

Text to display

i hope this is working now.


Sorry, i have to triple post now.

Since you can't display tags in here. Here is a link to a description.

href explained

Should work now


ha ha ha to BackBone: you just have been entraped to same trap as I do :D I was trying to explain html in his other critique


to backbone: you seem to be smarter than me because I needed 5postst :)


At least you learned you lesson, so did i. You know what is really missing here. A Edit button. Most forums have it, and its a really handy feature.


yep exactly :)


thanks puku and backbonez. ill experiment with it! thanks again for the effort and time spent!

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