Rockers Crossing

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Ariane B

cool idea! altough Im not sure ive never sen it, but cool anyway! I would like it if you'd use a khaki green, or a navy background, I think it will look better with the yellow! just a suggestion! good luck :) feel free to comment and score me, only 3days left for my design ;)


I want this!!! Hope you get printed so I could wear it :) Would you like some Fashion Cookies..?


Really really cool, but before you submit I think the finger proportions are a little off.

Would be great it if you could comment/score my design lil' monster :)


simply cool! May work a little on the shape of the hand - tried it out lefthanded? just an idea... And maybe some holes for fixin´the sign;)

if you have the time I would be happy if you could have a look here


hmm, i think rockers crossing would need a guitar player or so, not some hands.

any ideas for morbid sun?


A guitar player would make it like all other tee's that have to do with this subject,The Hand is better, but different color tee like Ariane said.


Thanks for all the comments! I will be revising it with your ideas


Thanks for all the comments! I will be revising it with your ideas


I changed the fingers on the hand, and "grunged" the image.

Also, changed the t-shirt color to navy blue as recommended.


The idea is really cool, really like that, it might need some more work on the details of the grunge used-look. Looking forward to see it again!!


Thanks for the comment, jaimeriesgo!

I'll try to revise the grunge-look.


Thanks puku... I'm revising it!


I agree, just a little bit revising with the grunge look, and this should work. I do like it on the red t!


I'd take out a few of the grunge 'holes'... a few spatterings here and there will be enough?

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