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My house burnt to the ground :(

On sept. 8th, My dad woke up to the sight of flames. He woke up my mother and they got my two brothers, our dogs, and me out of the house. Once we left, the house was engulfed in flames.

Fire fighters came, but it wasn't really any good.

It was burnt to the ground, we found some stuff, but we pretty much lost everything.

Memories, clothes, art, just everything.

But we are happy still, because we have eachother. And when you have nothing, thats all you need :)

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Man, that sucks. I'm glad that you're all okay, though.

B 7

oh man, that's terrible! I'm so sorry:( I like your perspective on things though, that's commendable


wow, I can't imagine how difficult for you.

The God Doe

sory to hear that buddy,, but you save after all ^^....

courtney pie

woh. :( glad everyone is okay though.


Thanks everyone, it means alot. A community member posted my house on youtube.

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Oh my god, that's just horrible.


oh man... :(

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man that sucks, Im glad everyone is ok, material stuff comes and goes


aww how sad. i'm sorry. i can't even imagine what that's like. i'm so glad your family is safe, though!


So sorry to hear this. I wish you have a great future.


man, looks like it was a beautiful home


B 7 on Sep 10 '10 at 1:53pm oh man, that's terrible! I'm so sorry:( I like your perspective on things though, that's commendable



This is bad thing to happen, I'm always very sad when things like this happen, but important thing is that everybody is OK, and when you have your health, you can do almost anything.....You shouldn't look at this like a total disaster, but as an opportunity to build something new and improved.....all the best to you and your family in the future! :)


Sorry to hear that. Stay strong!


Thank you everyone, My family and I are really happy with the support!

And Intarzista, Thank you for your inspiring words :)


Omg that is so sad :( I'm really sorry! I'm glad you and your family and pets are ok, though!!

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