The Communist Party

  • by crustyy
  • posted Aug 30, 2010

The Communist Party

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Wow, I can have a t-shirt with Joseph Stalin, responsible for killing 50mln people and all the other f-heads. Yey, I will wear it and I'll have a celebrating the endless human stupidity. Good work Threadless! Next time print something with nice big swastika with some witty slogan. I can't belive it....


how the process i want order? somebody please....


I have this in a t-shirt and love it to pieces. I can see how incredibly sensitive people that take offense to making light of dark things might not like this. I, however, appreciate the pun and satire intended.


Is the regular printed photo on the back side of the hoodie then?


Love wearing this w/ my Brooks Brothers suit - always garners comments (usually snide)


I proudly showed off my new Communist Party shirt to some friends yesterday and one of them interpreted it as Lenin's Grad!


Amen Getsuga, my sentiments exactly. Remember your history lest you repeat it.


i want this SO HARD


50 million deaths??? lol, it was more like 800 000 intended deaths by the regime in its entirety, not just one Stalin and a shotgun. Besides that if it weren't for the Soviets we were all be speaking German by now. If you can't make light of a serious issue what is left to laugh at.


d34dh0r53, if we're all going to be remembering history you'll realise she was making up numbers?

Regardless, this shirt is a laugh, enjoy it.. or not. :D


Zipper is white instead of red. Kinda disappointing, but still a great shirt.


I would've thought this would count as a Scary Tee.


i honestly have no idea how this is like the #1 shirt at threadless (basically) i mean, it's cute, funny, dont get me wrong. but NUMBERONE? i mean, now that is insane :o


ok, i love communism and i love t-shirts! this is the cleverest thing ive ever seen (not really, but it is damn clever)


very smart design. love it totally.


Could be great without the guys that spoilt the idea of communism and 50 mill sadly is correct.

banana goat

I like it but I wish the picture was more in the middle and larger


Pretty teenager of a shirt. Shweeeeeeet


Ordered. Wearing it. Why does every tee i get here fit wide in the waist? Every American apparel tee shirt i've ever worn has never fitted like this. I feel like a fatty wearing this... And it's just not this one shirt.....i've ordered over a dozen. All the same :(


I want the jacket but why is this one more expensive than the other ones?


I've seen this t-shirt design on sale at the independent retailer Cafe Society Clothing Co. in Aberystwyth this week. It was definitely identical to yours in every way. I wondered if there was some deal going on with Threadless that I didn't know about, but the manufacturer's label said that it came from a company called 'Chimpanzee.' Do you know anything about this? I spoke to the shop assistant, and she said that she'd ask the manager to have a word with their supplier, but I really thought the artist should know before I go barging about.


We could call this a revotionary design...


I'm fairly certain this design started as a meme on the internet, and was quickly stolen by multiple people calling it their own. This person more than likely being one of them.


all of your negative comments fall on deaf ears. this is, was, will forever be the best selling threadless shirt of all time. tom burns is still winning!

tomburns profile pic Alumni

Yes I designed this, many moons ago. My name is Tom Burns, and I approve this message.

This design is actually the one that started the "internet meme" you speak of.

Yes it has been bootlegged, ripped off, all of the above by countless derps all across the world. That can't really be stopped, so basically it just keeps the idea out there and pumping, so in alot of ways, even though neither threadless or I am making any money off of this theft, it actually keeps this little joke going..


Mother Russia approves


This is intense, I'm so going into history class in this t-shirt! xD


Looks like i'm heading to Russia for the party


watching a concert and seen a dude with this shirt on aha


classic. bought this shirt when it was originally released, still own it, people comment on it all the time. it's awesome.

also: one of my roommates had a poster with this design and I'm pretty sure they didn't buy it from threadless :\ I feel bad that you (the artist) aren't getting much credit for it, but as you said, it keeps the idea alive...


A thoroughly brilliant design! Needless to say I'll be purchasing this as a print to hang on my wall very soon! (And it most definitely will not be a bootleg!)


Best. Shirt. Ever.


Can you please print this in girls' XS? And who's the guy with the beard?


The guy with the beard is Karl Marx. You know, one of the most important figures of communism.

I can't wait to receive mine :)


Tom Burns, please consider bringing back the "Democratic Party" T. It is high-larious. Why do all of the threadless shirts I dig go out of print? I've been trying to reach you. I wanted it for election day. I've got both of the political parties printed and posted on my civics wall in my classroom. Kids dig 'em! I'm an XL.

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