• by Crim150
  • posted Aug 28, 2010

Watch this

Another Simple design, but one that looks nice.rnTell me what you guys think, and what scores you think it would get. :)


I dunno. i have a feeling it won't go through for scoring cause it's just too simple. This looks like one of those text effects photoshop tutorials that I used to do when first learning Adobe Photoshop. That being said, it doesn't really look like ice cause ice has more transparence. So, you need gleam, moisture (it should be dripping no? or running on the surface) and glassiness.

Sure has been long since I posted anything! But here's something new. What do you think of Fly Me To The Moon? Do tell!


@jumppuppyjump: what would you suggest I do to make it drip, and give it moisture, etc.?

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