Too Cute Commute

  • by lizle
  • posted Aug 24, 2010

Watch this

This is the kind of sappy t-shirt you wear when you're too in love and all you have swimming around in your head is your sweetheart, even on the morning commute. . . Sap makes everything sweeter!


I think some color and a bit more contrast would help, but I like the idea of it and the geometric angles.


Sorry guy, the picture too small, I can't see the details.


My advice - a little more color and a little more road Detail... Good job! Pls score my Apple Juice... Thanks


Yeah, the train is great details. And you should loose the lines up there, clean better. and bigger the illos. Feel free to vote my Sunbathing.


Ok, hopefully this image will give a better idea of the detail. I also took some of your suggestions and added a bit more colour. I was thinking about maybe making the heart glow-in-the-dark, instead of the regular pink ink it's shown in now. I'd love to get some more feedback!


hi! just a heads up: leaving links to your work in other people's submissions up for scoring is considered rude. you can read more about the subject here


how about making the sign on the side(that little red triangle) look more like a heart. and wouldn't it be great for the image to be mirrored in such a manner that the heart in you design to have the placement around the real heart(just a suggestion... maybe when you look at it it won't have the same effect that I imagine... but you should try it).


I think there is too much detail in the tram, you might just block out the essential shapes and / or lines. The street lines don't help a lot too. The power lines need work, they are unrealistic (check some refs) in a not so nice way. Not that they should necessarily be realistic, but if not find a way to make them more interesting, through a more dynamic perspective maybe.

Try other tee colors too.


Thanks "donotspam" for the heads up! I had seen a few people posting their links the same way and I didn't realize it was frowned upon but the reasoning in that article makes complete sense (I did always leave honest comments as well as my link but I still get why it's not cool). I'll try some of the other promotional methods mentioned in that article.

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