For I am a consumer whore....

  • by milkbunny
  • posted Aug 01, 2006

I am very new to, but I aspire to become a loyal, devoted, and thoroughly obsessed user. I have bought my first t-shirt (Psychedelic Creatures) and it will be arriving in the mail within a few days. Once it arrives, you-bet-your-bottom that there will be photos of me wearing it within minutes. I am also getting paid today, so I will more than likley buy two shirts tonight. Because I am a consumer whore. Perhaps, I will buy Biblical Disaster, O My Virgin Eye, or The Kabuki Fish. I would buy Love*Rain, if it didn't have to be reprinted. DAMN! So, yes.

That is all.

Watch this

Yeehaw! does the crazy Threadless-shopping-binge dance

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

Good for you =) Some nice choices too.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

chances are you are only half right. Being a consumer whore is okay if you support the things you enjoy with it. In that way you are supporting a world of things you like and they will prospure.


Kabuki Fish is almost sold out. Kudos if it's still in your side. I'm already hoping for a reprint!


more whores are always welcome at threadless.


welcome threadless desired buyer, you will fit right in with all of us :)

oh, and kabuki fish kicks ass, its one of my faves

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