Animal Crackers

  • by kenziemay
  • posted Aug 23, 2010

Watch this

so.. I think it looks good but threadless keeps declining it and I don't know what they're looking for! so please help! thank you so much :)rnrnby the way.. the crackers have a faded pattern on them.. but does it just look messy? like should I just have the crackers be a solid colour instead?rnAny advice on placement as well would be nice


please help me!


any ideas with the box?


or should I just change my colouring on it all together? yay or nay?


I've seen that joke before. Maybe that's a reason.


Yeah it may do with a bit of refinement. I'd also add that the characters need to be up big as a focal point. the pack smaller in the background, still off to the side. Best of luck and great concept!! :)


thank you everyone! and yeah I agree that the crackers should be the focal point, I just didn't want it to look like the crackers were bigger than the box like in real life but i'll mess around with it! Thanks again!


The fonts look a little sloppy, but I really like the idea!

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