HELP me find a Dress to wear...

to my brother's wedding in December?

Remember, I am plus size-- help me. I know there are a lot of people here who know far more things that I know... like what kind of dress to wear and where to buy cute dresses.

Also, Is it okay to wear dress that goes with the wedding colors or no?

<big> help me please </big>

Watch this

Any colors? Strapless or straps? Length? Solid color or design?


Wrap dresses are a good, flattering option. I'm in the uk so not sure about brands/shops. Good luck, I'm sure you'll look beautiful :)


ooo, I like that blue one!!

Mya Jamila

I think this may be more flattering. I like the sleeves of this This is really cute. This is pretty as well.


Thanks guys... I definitely don't want the dress to be like an attention seeker. The blue dress seems like very attention kind. ha! I liked Mya's choices.... I don't want strapless.

Colors is what I can't make up my mind about.


I am in love with the black one.. love the sleeves. I really wish it was cheaper though. My budget is less than $60.


I've bought a few dresses online at David's Bridal; they were for events for my husband's workplace. They have a nice selection in plus-size! I'm constantly having issues with trying to find dresses, honestly.


Also, Torrid has a few that might be nice; I'm not sure what size you are, but here are a couple:

navy blue black purple


I also really like that navy one that Becky posted!


Ooo pretty choices and perfect prices.! thanks. never thought about Torrid. Also, had no idea forever 21 having plus size.


Oh, man; I'd never have considered pockets on a dress, but that looks so cute!!!

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