Save Iceland's Icebergs

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This design is a representation of the Iceland's flag into icebergs. The iceberg is also a refference to the land of Iceland that is floating in the ocean. We all know ice is melting and this country is very concerned about the climatic changes. So we have to do everything to protect it.rnAll comments will be appreciated!


I get it when you say it's the flag but without that insight, it kinda looks like a cross....maybe a bit more iceberg to break up the cross shape? Something to imply rectangle more? Other than that, the style's great and the message is nice.

(would love some feedback too: Jonah?)


i like it, altho its not immediately clear that its supposed to represent a flag. really cool tho!!

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Aren´t you confusing Iceland with Greenland, Greenland is mostly ice-covered and has glaciers that extend into the ocean delivering these huge icebergs. Iceland only has small glaciers compared to Greenland and none of them extend out to sea.


What ValdiSig said. I just read an article in National Geographic about the global warming in Greenland. Their farmers are happy, I'll tell you what. They can get decent crops now. I'm not knocking your design though, I like it.


Maybe you could make a box of much smaller iceburgs around the cross so people get the idea that it's supposed to be Icelands flag? I like the idea though, great job!

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