Make Yourself @ Home

  • by luxnatura
  • posted Aug 19, 2010

I would like to see the veins in the heart using puff printing. I think it would add an extra dimension to the design.

Watch this

I would like to see the veins in the heart using puff printing. I think it would add an extra dimension to the design.


timpaint, this isn't mean to be in the maxtopia contest. I concept came to me while listening to some good music. The door of the heart-house as already been unlocked, key still remaining in the lock, and the door left slightly open. A transmitter growing out a main artery, poised to send warm invitations to all those who find the home welcoming.

tunderous, well said!



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really funny idea, some cool details here too. I'd love to see this with a more detailed, nuanced style to it.


Thanks you FREAKINAWESOME for your comments. I see your coatofarms, your work has been printed on this site, very cool. I've tried using the critique portion of this site to get advice, like what you just gave, but after stuff being up of weeks no one said anything. I've been self taught in art and software up until this point, soon to start studying online though. Any advice that could help me before the submission is complete? Thanks tons!


Thanks YaaH! I look foward to getting to know you. A have loads of Southeat Asian art drawing books that I picked on up my travels that I'd gladly share. My AIM & email are in profile here; drop a line and gladly shad what what I've come across.


beautiful & creepy.



My friend asked what the design inspiration for this graphic was. It was Owl City's song "If My Heart Was a House."


wow. I'd totally buy it


lol! instant buy


This is kinda wonderful


Thanks for all the great comments so far. I thought I would try my hand at graphic design on sites like this one before I delved into formal study of graphic arts. I figure if I can get a design printed, then I have the skills to succeed in the marketplace and should proceed with my career path. What I didn't expect was getting to know this awesome community of folks that is Threadless. Rock on!

dodongjohnjohn welcome us with full of hearts..Nice Illustration..=)5




this is awesome... u got my $5... I'll buy this..


cool design! Love it.


5$ Love the clear colourful nature of the image :)


Thanks everyone. About the colors, I wanted to stick close to those used in medical diagrams.

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