So my boyfriend and I are watching that show, it's some ABC family show about fat camp, and it's actually pretty compelling.

Anyways, Nikki Blonksi plays the main character and I swear in every episode so far, she wears at least one threadless shirt (provided I've only watched 3 episodes, I think).

Has anyone witnessed this phenomena?

Watch this

I haven't yet watched this show, but I think Nikki Blonski is adorable.

Also, hi!

Lucretia Mott

Plus David Hasselhoff's daughter is in it. So.. there's that.

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I hear there are lots of Threadless shirts on the show. Get yo threadspot on.

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should have read the second section instead of just 1 and 3

Lucretia Mott

reading out of order is so much more fun though!

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