THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I don't even know what to write here. I was overwelmed by the support on this design. I have been written at least one email a day from strangers asking me when this is printing or if it is.

The shirt looks incredible!!! Thank you everyone and threadless!!

Watch this

"LoL now pose with your arms out so no one notices the sleeves."

Oh well, it's not your fault Murray, I'm glad you're happy with it. Congrats on the mega score and print.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

congrats, phil! you did it again!

silverqe profile pic Alumni



Very nice! I have a question: does the printing extend to the back of the t-shirt as well? I hope it does!

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MR 4.4

This is your year!!!!!!


congrats, i hope they let you do a select, even though that whole 4 prints thing is over...

Kim Mak
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congrats! it looks awesome :)


Congrats. Cheers.

westond profile pic Alumni

Congrats dude!


I have been on this site for four years and never once seen a shirt get a 4.4. Unfuckingbelieveable, yet entirely deserved. Congrats!

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Again, congrats on your future Bestee :-)

Andreas Mohacsy
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congrats champ, a bestee will surely follow


congrats on the print!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

congrats man!! awesome stuff :)


Already bought 3 :-) I would'nt miss the chance to secure my washmashine skills :-)


Love this, Phil! I have been checking threadless daily waiting for it to print! Congrats!


this is the highest score I've ever seen on threadless! Great design! congratulations!!!

B 7
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Congrats Phil!!:D::D

R_G profile pic Alumni

nice shirt!!! congrats! i love comb over!!! nice work you are so creative!

rodrigobhz profile pic Alumni

Again, congrats dude! Hopefully I can buy one before it's gone! - wtf, this one will be reprinted a dozen times!

murraymullet profile pic Alumni

Man thanks so much everybody :D Such awesome comments!!

You are exactly what keeps me doing what I do!

Skap 1er

that score is bananas. nice job!

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Congrats mang!


DUDE. So I was just cruising for $10 tees. Came across this one. Loved it. And then realized you designed it. Damn, boy. Slow down! What is this, like #12? Anyway, love it. Congrats! and thanks for bunny ears!


Amazing! I'm so excited to wear this. Thank you


Ahh! I deposited my paycheck early this morning so I could finally purchase this, but, just my luck, the Guys small suddenly sold out. I yelled "Noooo!" out loud... to myself. I must have this shirt, it's so awesome! Repriiiiiiint, pleeeease! :)


I LOVE this shirt! I bought one and it looks great, the minor "imperfections" due to the belt printing actually just increased its awesomeness, and it even looks good on me! I uploaded a picture of me wearing it for the gallery :) I always get curious looks when I'm wearing it, which is fun. I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!


How "minor" are everyone's imperfection. My shirt looks ok from the front but the back of the neck is all rubbed off and crappy looking and there's a bunch of drips. Is everyone experiencing that kind of stuff? To be honest I felt like a great design had kind of been ruined. I bought it the day it came out, have they gotten better? I'm pretty disappointed.


In response to dfar23 above, and to all others who are thinking of buying this tee...

I just got my tee the day before. As everyone says, great design. BUT... poorly printed.

I took some pics of my tee, which is a girly small. Judge for yourself.



I contacted Threadless asking for a replacement, but they said that these "imperfections" were "normal", and that other tees would probably be the same.

Very disappointing.

I have other "allover print" tees and they are nowhere of this kind of print quality.

Would you wear this t-shirt out? I think not right? It looks like a factory reject, or something that's failed the Quality Control check.

Also, at the shoulder areas, the stripes criss-cross. But I didn't bother taking a pic of that as I thought the images above would give everyone an idea of the kind of print quality to expect already.



wow. that's really bad.

Mine has the exact same kind of areas where the printing is totally worn off or smudged. It's only on the back of the neck though. From the front the shirt looks "ok", but I wouldn't go any further than that.

Really a terrible job, I'm mostly annoyed that it ruined what is otherwise a flawless design.


You could cut the neckline and make a boat neck :-)


I never noticed this had been printed :( Reprint please!

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