Booky Monkey

Watch this

What do you think about this cute monkey reading books about bananas? In this version the word is written in french but I can also do it in english. An other solution is to write the word "Warhol" instead of banana. Thanks for the comments.


im all in about monkey and bananas :D

change the color of the tee, maybe a light pink?

best of luck!

rate this monkey?


Changed the color for a light blue...


I'm with jei...put the tail around the shirt neck =) right now it looks like the monkey is just floating there

If you have time please score my Bum; and lemme know what you think =)


Thank you for your suggestions! I don't know if the illusion is good..


Oh, you have great style. And by illusion, if you mean the onkey is hanging off of the collar, it's working. Very nice.

Oh, I'd really appreciate it if you could pop by to score Mr. Spock and tell me what you think about Light and Flight AND It's Peaceful Up Here. THanks!

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