See the face on the wall?!

Watch this

Like watching the clouds, look what you´ll see!


woah really cool nicely balanced illustration :) i see a horse xD well the only thing i would change is the tee color but i guess its just my preference :) maybe put the design also onto sleeves? thanks for commenting on mine :))) new version is up if you get a chance check it out:D


I see a snake face in there. I like the 3D-look of this, if it is. Is it? Anway, cool design!


As neat as this design is, it kind of hurts my eyes to look at it for too long. The offset lines really just add clutter.


I don't know what I see!!! The blurred lines shimmy everytime i try and I develop a sudden case of vertigo. On someone moving about, I'm sure I'll fall over with some kind of seizure. Lol....


Here´s one without the 3D effect, like this one better?


Like the idea. I would love to see some depth/perspectice in it however. perhaps if parts of the shirt had lines that were displaced far apart, whereas others were close together, giving it an almost vector-lice appearance. Keep going with it, its a great design!

pencil duck

very cool idea. Maybe you could colour up the face? i dont know - i like the idea though. If you have the time, would love to know what you think

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