I love you

  • by gasss97
  • posted Aug 04, 2010

Watch this

Hi ! I'm back with my last idea.rnI know, it's a little bloody but I think "love" can be violent.rnAnd on "Threadless" it could go in two categories "violent" or "zombies" perhaps.rnrnLeave me a lot of comments about your feeling of it.rnrnThank you all !rn (hope my english is good)


yeah I would definitely work on the ribs since it's hard to tell if those are broken ribs or you are trying to show the opening of the ribs. Also it may just be me but the shape of the rip needs a little work, maybe less of a soft diamond shape and more ripped? I'm not sure. Good luck man!

Frederick_Jay profile pic Alumni

Nice idea :) with the text i'd let a little bit of splatter escape to make it seem less controlled .


Hey! I would try to work maybe a little more on the typography to integrate it in your heart especially the "you". If you can, try a different color to accentuate the contrast. I feel that right now, it's the composition of the text that needs work but the illustration is very nice.



Nice idea! :) I would make the heart a little bit more realistic, cause everything else is! Good luck!

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First, I thank all comments, I tried to improve it by listening to your advices . and just for rectify a thing, the ribs are not open, they are broken (perhaps by the violence the Love)

I hope it's better like that, tell me what you think about, leave me a lot of comments, thanks

                                            (I hope my english is good)

Sorry to write this, really, but the chest opening reminds me of a vagina. You might want to change the shape. Again, sorry.

I think you could use a little less blood. It makes the words disappear a little. And your english is fine. :)


I agree with tifferlee. All I can think about is the vaginaness of it. But I like the idea.


I hope it no longer look like a vagina

What do you think about it now, all critics are welcome, thanks to everybody

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i think this version is much better now it give the idea of an explosion of love , i like it

if you have time crit mine please Falling notes


thanks for your support, if anyone have critics, he's welcome.

Is it too big, too bloody, letters are fine or not, ... or ..... I don't know....

What do you think about this designe ?

thank you all by advance.


I think this is a lot better, and sorry that I have a dirty mind, but I don't think I'm the only one. I still think that the letters are hard to differentiate from the blood. But I like this. I would have a version without the man's hand over the design so we can get a feel for the whole picture.


Just kidding, I just now saw the other slide. Sorry!


The same design on another placement photo for a better view. Details are on slide 2 in V3.


nobody can't help me ?


I know but love can be violent

Time and Time again

You could say "but I love you" which shows the heart being crushed.


sub it!

If you have time please score my Bum; and lemme know what you think =)


Maybe make the heart more realistic :) Please tell me what you think about mine :) Tandem


hey gasss97! great artwork on your shirt!! i really like the opening and the heart. one thing that distracts a little bit from your style is the font used. the outlines are too clearly, the blood inside is cut off too abuptly. maybe you can use a font made of splatters?

would be great if you can comment & rate my submission keeping me alive :)


Some changes ...... ?????????????


Bigger hole, thinner ripped-off margins. Enough blood. :)

I like better V2 with blood from V5

But anatomy kills us all :))

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crazy creative stuff man. I really like the red letters in the form of blood spray. it really sells me on the design, maybe go back to that?

looking good though, I'd say this is all-but finished.

and if you get the time, check out MY submission too! WAR & PEACE almost done voting, so i'd appreciate your vote! and comment too if you dig it!

keep up the hard work!

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