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  • posted Aug 04, 2010

TOUR STOP: 7/15 - West Coast Social w/ DJ Greg Dulli in Los Angeles, CA!


SAY WHAT?: Bob Nanna nearly dropped his sandwich when he found out that Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs would be DJ-ing our West Coast Social event. Who would be your dream DJ and why? What would they play? Could be anyone living, dead, fictional or otherwise! Tell us who, why and what and we'll pick our favorite answers.

YOUR REWARD: One (1) winner will receive this awesome piece of retail art and be entered into October grand prize raffle. Two (2) runners up to be entered into the October grand prize raffle.

DEADLINE: August 9th. 10am CT.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Dreams do come true!

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DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

My dream DJ would be DJ Tanner. She would remix Jesse and the Rippers songs and sample in some Uncle Joeyisms like "Cut it out" to make sick Full House dance beats.

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

I'd like to play myself, and do a B2B set wit Garo for Threadless and we'd play loads of old skool drum and bass.


My dream DJ would be Bob Nanna because he's so cool.

<small><small><small>I win, right? Right?</small></small></small>


My dream DJ would be David Bowie. Because he sings, "I am a DJ, I am what I play," I imagine he'd play not David Bowie tracks, but the stuff that helped make David Bowie what he is....The Velvet Underground, Marc Bolan and T. Rex, The Who, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, etc.....all interspersed with transmissions from space and Kabuki music.

Shadows on Shadows

My dream D would be terry frm reno 911 He would play the barbie song because it suits him so well


dream dj: Queen Victoria

she'd play tegan & sara mixed with mozart all night on her gramophone turntables.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

My dream DJ would be this guy:


Dream DJ - Sho Nuff - from the last dragon He would be the badest, wait he is the badest. He could play as long as he wanted because again who will stop him. and just look at his outfits he wears, has AWESOME written all over.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

My dream DJ would be DJ Tanner


My dream DJ would be Paige Railstone, because she was invented by John and Hank Green.


I think juliejeremiah should win, she took my answer ;)


definitely Kenny Everett, the way he Dj'ed in the good old Capital Radio days. He played just the greatest of the 70s & 80 and a classic song in between, spiced with his zany out of this world comedy! I also never heard the end of his SciFi play Captain Kremin!


DJ Z-trip.. hes so talented mashing up the jams and creating such hits as the "Breakfast Club"


DJ Tiesto! Hands Down! Amazing DJ!


DJ Marky. He's just a brilliant Drum n Bass DJ.

Although Mr. Data would be cool too I think, since he knows almost everything, so I'm sure he could find stuff that I don't know but will like. Like Pandora, just better. And wouldn't it be cool to talk with Mr. Data?


Dream DJ - Someone who seamlessly blends a house version of "the monster mash" with Madonna.


dead mau5 all the way! Followed by Tiesto. :D


Sven Väth...27 Years in the Biz


My dream DJ is this little dude who lives in my thalamus and mixes down sweet signals from my pons into some very crazy cerebral cortical beats. He's on several times a night, every night.


My dream Dj would be Animal from the Muppets. I would imagine he could throw down some sick beats!


My dream DJ would be a bear that wears pajamas, named DJ PJ's. And the only thing they would play would be the Yogi Bear theme song on an infinite loop.


My dream DJ?

Imagine the 4th wall breaking antics of Deadpool with rapping. Awwww yeah.


DJ aebeloe, who playd at the biggest chill-out event in Denmark called Stella Polaris, just said yes to come and play at my 15man party this saturday when i'm turning twenty, for free! DJ Aebeloe is the greatest DJ of my dreams!


DJ aebeloe, who playd at the biggest chill-out event in Denmark called Stella Polaris, just said yes to come and play at my 15man party this saturday when i'm turning twenty, for free! DJ Aebeloe is the greatest DJ of my dreams!


DJ Zombie Michael Jackson. Real life back-from-the-dead Thrillertown, USA. "Don't stop til your head's ripped off".


Dream Dj would be Benjamin Franklin with a little vodka, mixing up sounds from Mac Dre, The Titanic, and a little electronic piano. Maybe some clips from Owl City.


Totally would be Daft Punk! Who wouldn't love life-size robots throwing down some fat beats? As for what they'd play? Whatever the hell they want, but some old school 70's glam rock remixed with some of their stuff with some rad animation and lights.

Rev. Pagan

My dream DJ would be Jean-Michel Basquiat. His art was wild and raw. He loved jazz, hip-hop and experimental music. Not to mention he DJ'ed in some of the best underground/ punk clubs of New York. This is everything I would want in a DJ.


already said on fb: the only thing french can do well is electro! daft punk! daft punk! daft punk! daft punk!


i would get Richard Starkey to DJ and he would just play Octopus's Garden off his laptop. that would be more than enough to make me happy.


My dream DJ would have to be Chuck Norris. No, for real. I don't care if he can mix music or not, having Chuck Norris DJ for you would be epic beyond all epicness.


My dream DJ? Paul the FIFA World Cup Octopus. He'd be spinning like 8 tracks at once. DOPE.


And who cares what he's play? HE'S AN OCTOPUS!! But probably something like German folk music. :D


My dream DJ would undoubtably be Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba! And I'm not trying to be ridiculous. Sure, I could always have DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba, bur quite frankly he's a bit scary and probably has a questionable taste in music. First off, who wouldn't want a friendly keytar-playing robot as a DJ? Second, being a robot, he probably has some awesome tracks to lay down. I wouldn't be surprised of he had some connections with Daft Punk or something like that. And I for sure know that Plex could hook up some MGMT, as they have been guests on the show. Plex could also bust out in some sweet dancey-dances.


Daft Punk, easily. They'd play songs by Daft Punk. Because. They can.


idk someone who plays rock sted o that new jhunk


Mine would have to be Steve from Blue's Clues. Can't you guys see him busting out some mean beats? I know I can.


tiesto, baby...


Chuck Norris would be the best DJ thinkable. Even if his set sucks, everybody would be dancing their asses off, in fear of a roundhouse-kick if they don't!


I second fuzzylumpkinz vote for Plex! That would be amazing! He has connections with tons of stars, he can summon people on command to do dancey dances, and he probably has a great taste in music. I can't top that nomination. :)


I would like to see Ursula from the Little Mermaid DJ. She has all those extra appendages for an intense DJing style plus she's a bitch. I bet she could REALLY tear up a set.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

DJ Request but just know he plays what he wants, so don't even try to ask for anything.


My dream DJ would be Freddy Mercury.

I pretty sure that guy could have rocked a party, even without Queen.


my dream DJ would be Dr Demento!

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