Skull shirt

  • by afar298
  • posted Aug 01, 2010

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I found some and image of a skull that I made for a school work and I thought that this would look with some grunge brushes. What do you think??


You were right it was difficult to recognize the skull so i reduce it so it was more visible. What do you think??


Still kinda difficult to recognize, but it's definitely a skull. I like it, it's not like all the other skull shirts out there-- it's more subtly skull-y. Nice job! Can you help me with my design?


Well now I pu t 2 colors on the skull.. What do you think??


well its looks better that the first, maybe you want to finish the form of the scull on the top :S, maybe im not sure its look good any way! :D

my design its up for scoring, can you help me?

can you RATE bananas please? thanks!


This may be a weird idea, but what about putting a coffee mug on top... so it's a skull shirt, but it's made from coffee stains sort of? Like I said, weird idea but had to throw it out there, lol :) Comment on my Origin of Sasquatch please?


The skull is not so obvious to me. It ends a little bit too abrupt in the upper side. Hmm, I like the colors though, and the style. Definitely keep the style.

Score and comment mine? Please :) Breakfast Mosquito Biker

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