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The Purple Crayon

  • by larac19
  • posted Jul 31, 2010

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Not sure about the font, or the word for that matter. I know I need to fix "Harvey's" image quality. I think it'd work well on a navy blue shirt, or a white shirt. Front and center for placement. Just need to know if it's something worth pursuing, and I'm pretty new at this so I need as much help/advice/tips/comments as possible. Thanks.rn

matt attack

hmm i think you've got a good idea here. i think it would look better maybe if you had a more realistic looking city turning into more drawing like buildings as it gets closer to the crayon. so it looks like he's drawing it into reality. does that make sense?


That's a great idea!


Hey! (Thanks for your crit on my WaterMelon piece!)

I agree with Matt Attack and Larac19. Also, some more line weight variation might be cool. Keep tweaking it! It'll be good!


like the idea, not sure if it needs type at all. stands alone without it. but if you want type checkout, tons of type either free usage or free with a shout out to the designer, might find a good one there. good luck and keep the good work.


Wow!! I really like where you're going with this. Maybe some more detail in the buildings, and i really like the idea of it looking real and then fading to simple like drawings to his crayon.

And i would fix "Harvey"s" line art. was reading the threadless manual thing, and if the image quality is bad, they usually "toss" it DD:

but besides that, i like it alot!

(p.s. thanks for commenting on my paper crane pic! :D)


Matt Attack had a great idea there. I'd have to say the lines are a little too clean to have come from a crayon. And you need to lose the font cause the image is strong enough to stand alone. If you must have font there though, i suggest placing it within the artwork like those streetsigns ala Pillowtalk or something. 'know, those marquee signs with the row of bulbs around them. Always a great idea IMO to incorporate any text into the artwork rather than 'labelling' your piece.

Thanks for your comments on Airplanes in the Nightsky and Ask Again Later!


yepp, i agree with all of above! it feels like the picture needs some more contrast to make it a bit more fun to match the original idea


I love the character and the idea, and the best suggestion I can come up with has already been said above.......a more realistic city. Like the kid has actually designed a real city with his crayons that are lying around the floor! Now that gets the juices going!!

Thanks for taking the time to critique my design, now please check out my submissions....2 days to go! WE GOT ID



Ever seen the episode "ImaginationLand" on South Park? If not, check it out, they create this world based on all the popular characters dreamt up in pop culture over the years. I think, as a visual stimulation, the child should be drawing something much more "out there" than conventional buildings. I like the concept and the idea behind it but kids have a very very unique perception of the world, not straight, up and down, generic buildings. ITs just a suggestion I think worth applying. Good luck!!!!


No child could ever draw straight. Make the lines hap-hazzard etc


what sherm3k said. also, don't worry bout the font: lose the text completely. does not add to the design...also if this is called imagine, why is everything rectangular high-rise buildings? instead of city-treehouses, flying horses and gigantic hover-flats?


It's a good idea, but the trace with a pencil should be more natural, scrawled, as are the drawings of children. Straight lines resemble computer design. Try to draw freehand city and compare the results. Good luck.


Took out the text, made it more childish.


I like it allot! maybe you can make the outline on the child a little bit thicker and consistent.

PS. tnx for critiquing my illustration.


Maybe a crayon in the babies hand? Cute and I think he will grow up to be an artist!!


ima... | |_ | | | | | | | | | | &


Really cool, I like it a lot. My suggestion is you fix the lines on Harold. go over them and make them bolder. Look at some of the drawings in the book and find something to add or make it more Harold. do you want to focus on Harold or the buildings?


This looks much better. A couple of things:

You can make the babie's outline sharper, so it doesn't look like a pixelated cutout.

I liked that you added the crayon texture to the lines, but we still can see the straight lines and they look a little out of place. Maybe deleting them and leaving the crayon. Or , if you are working in Photoshop, have the building's layer in Dissolve mode (and lower the opacity a little so it mixes better with the crayon lines).

I like your idea. Hope my critique helped :).


c'mon what happened with my comment 'crappy site'. anyways i was saying that not an artist but an architect.... and that i liked the "imagine" word and the color. and if you want you can play where to place that word i was suggesting on the top left area so you give balance to the whole composition. on that top left the eye travels thru your buildings and finishes on the baby.

Wi M Mi

I think the idea is great! but it needs a a bit more work. The outline on the baby could be more defined and cleaner. For the buildings, maybe it will look better if you got rid of the straight lines (the ones you had on your first version) and stay with only the crayon lines you added here. Or maybe you could make a transition to the straighter lines to the crayon lines as they get closer to baby. I hope this helps :)


Now it looks like the baby is tracing, as you can still see the perfectly straight lines. How bout having a piece of paper on the floor with a perfectly straight design and hap hazard lines drawn by the it looks like the kid saw the blueprint on the floor and drew his own version. But this is great progress from your end.


~sherm3k have got some very good suggestions ~remove all the bold lines ~maybe make the drawing only as tall as the baby is, cause he kinda cant reach that high up, unless of course you intend it to be this way ~maybe add some baby blocks stacked together, so he could reach higher

Ariane B

cool idea, cute! my suggestion would be to put the baby not in this color, I dont feel it goes with the purple !good luck :)


Looks cute!! Maybe pick another color thats less strong that the purple, and matches more with the clothes of the cool baby :D Also you have like two lines the crayon lines with on top a solid line, maybe better only do use the crayon line...

Good luck!!


I love it! So as others said, I'd delete the bold lines or make them less perfect. I googled an imagine of the book, which you probably already have, and the lines on the buildings are not entirely straight or consistent in width. Also as others said, improve the outline of Harold. Please don't change anything else--I really like it.


cute idea, maybe you should made the line in the baby more thick. and add some shadow detail of the baby's body, just a simple shadowing ..


i like the idea, but there are a few things that bother me... the baby feels very different from the buildings...and the fact that they are drawn by creaons doesn't make it fix that... also, make the buildings more childish...they are to straight in my opinion:)

Please score my designs: The pen is mightier then the pencil and let me know what you think of this: Comic Con-g Thanks!:)


Hi, thanks for your help! I agree, the buildings donĀ“t need the straigth lines, and maybe you can use another element, I don't think the buildings are working. Work with the baby, the quality of the lines look a little poor. Try to think about a placement. Cheers!


great work...i agree with a comment from above. i would like to see the baby without the color.


Like the idea. Maybe you can make the lines on the baby a little thicker and clean?


to be honest, its a great idea, but the lines of the baby need works, by the way, i love the expression on his face

(thanks for post in my work, to be honest i can load it in my pc, its a shame that you couldn't :( )


this is really awesome. but there might be copyright issues. what colour shirt and placement?


yeah this is from harold and the purple crayon. and i'm not sure if you actually drew him or just scanned or cut him out of an existing image. i would try to do it in a way that doesn't explicitly use the character which is probably copyrighted.


Thanks for all the comments! I'm working on re-doing the purple lines, and fixing Harold's contours. I've also contacted the publisher, and I'm waiting to hear back about copyright permission. Thanks again!


Cool idea but I also think that the building is like too perfect, maybe try to do it like more "childish" and the colors i feel like they dont match.



mikes yikes

this is cute!

clever idea... just a thought, probably you could drop the straight lines behind or maybe reduce it, so that the entire scribble would stand out more. 2nd..on the baby, it seems to me like he's not holding the chalk but more like the color comes out on his thumb. another one.. maybe you could add on the floor beside the baby some broken chalk pieces...and probably a dash of some colors...

Just my 2 cents. Thanks!


Awesome man! maybe give some surface details like the baby's shadow on the ground and maybe the wall he's drawing on. Very nice


After going through the various comments, I don't really have anything to add- the main issue you may have is with copyright. That alone might be cause not to submit. But if you change the view of Harold so he doesn't look like Harold, or allude to a child drawing without a recognizable image you might be okay. But with the copyright issue, even if you get permission, there would likely be issues with trying to submit something to a third party (Threadless), who would have to deal with the copyright issues as well... you might want to contact Threadless first. The design might not be chosen simply due to the complexities of using the character directly.

Mr Punch

yup - nice design, but Toxichunk is right. It is too much "harold." It must be tweaked away from that.


It would be cool if the little boy was drawn on in crayon, too, and it still said imagine. Perhaps putting imagine tied into the buildings somehow?


This is a great concept. I think the only problem with this is the buildings themselves. Maybe make it more imaginative with big flowers coming out of the ground or something? Looking good so far.


its cute but isn't this character copyrighted??


uff, if what e.gat say its true you will need to make your own baby, i belive its yours, but just in case

my shirt its up for scoring! :D can you RATE bananas please?


Yes, it looks better like this. I would try a different color for the little boy. And make the drawing even more childish. Uneven and cute. Keep up the good work, you're doing great!

Score and comment mine? Please :) Breakfast Mosquito Biker


I don't really see how perfect, if a little blurry, perpendicular buildings are very illustrative of imagination, but whatever floats your boat..

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