i work for bananas

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Sometime on everyone's life we fell like we work for nothing... or bananas! (My first work in t shirts, please be gentle xD )


I think you need 'I work for' all on the first line and then 'BANANAS!' on the second because the fruit is your punchline to the image!


you know... that's a nice idea, thanks :)


work on the banana a bit more because the shape doesn't look like it

Cosmic Rick

I like the fact that the banana is stylized, but Fab is right. It's a little hard to tell.

Also, the monkey's hand looks a little strange, but I don't actually know what a monkey's hand looks like.


you know... me neither xD but thanks for the opinion ;)


the last one was for cosmic :P

Ibeen: yea maybe the typo need to be hand drawing, but i don't know if the shirt will work without a "punch line", anyway thanks for the opinion!!!


make the nanner look more like a..well nanner


man! its looks like the banana its a big problem ¬¬...

thanks any way! :)


work the bannana i like the font and the text so i think it works perfectly... for bannanas hahah ;):) no , for real it works


Four fingers on the hand of the monkey, is a detail of classic cartoons. I think the body color of the monkey too dark.


What if he were holding a banana instead of the coffee mug?


doesn't show up for me?

mikes yikes

the idea was great... I think make the text smaller...probably 70-80% smaller than the current font size would go well for this one. the other one- it seems to me like the monkey is stepping over on his laptop (though i'm not sure whats your take on this)

just my two cents.

please critique mine. Thanks! http://www.threadless.com/critique/73668/a_cup_of_tee


GUYS THANKS FOR ROUND 1!!! I get great opinions, so here is what I change:

  • the monkey is brighter
  • the slogan is now smaller and bananas is alone and with exclamation
  • new banana on the laptop
  • 4 fingers
  • I keep the mug
  • I change the color of the shirt

much better i like everything, but you should fix up your presentation a little bit like get a realistic shirt instead of that old out of date template!


hahahaha ok ok... I'm new here so I'm using the ones that the page gives xD

but thanks! its good to know that you like it! :)


ok i will try it! thanks :D

August Son

Vast improvement over version 1. I absolutely love the simple, animated look of the monkey. I would probably shorten the tail just a bit so that it isn't so close to his head. Maybe a simple caption across the mug for some comical effect. But none of this is truly necessary...just providing some feedback. Great job.

If you have a moment, I would love some feedback myself: http://www.threadless.com/critique/73568/ROBOCTOBOT


i'd prefer it with a bigger banana notebook and without text.


I have one issue with the art that was mentioned previously, and that is with the closeness of the tail in relation to the head. Everything else is good!

Mr Punch

very cute....love your simplified forms... I was thinking the same thing about the tail being too close to the head. Mug is begging for a little attention. Is there anything that can be done to make the laptop more recognizable. Certainly a fine line when working with such simplified shapes (lord knows I can't do what you do), but I didn't get it at first. I may just be daft. ;) Really like the design.


Really good idea. I like the simplified look but maybe try giving a little more detail to see how it looks? Good job


I like it very much, the only thing I would do is some shading on the cup, and the ape.

PS.tnx for the critique on mine


thanks for the comments you people! :D

wow for a first time I get better opinions that what i was expecting, but Its true this need a little bit more of work

i will try to do something with the laptop... and the mug, Jesus! i have no idea what to do with it :S but i will come with something xD (at first i though about giving it more detail, but i was afraid that the shirt couldn't be produce :S)

anyway thanks a lot! :)


best of luck out there man, it kinda sad that there is SO MANY good shirts designers out there, and i don't know how many actually get to be print :S, but I'm rooting for you!

thanks for the opinion!


Mm, I really like this, but perhaps can you add some expression on the monkey's face/ He seems to be a bit depressed, or maybe that's what you wanted?

Thanks for the critique, by the way.


Haha, cute idea. Would be nice to see this on an actual T shirt but it's definitely a massive improvement from the first version. The softer colours work much better.


Wow really cool idea, love the design, the only thing that I dont like is te color of the font, maybe you should try with a brown color, just experiment with colors, but something subtle.

If you have timw could you check mine


So people!, getting closer to the final idea:

  • I move the tail
  • change the color of the typo
  • change the presentation
  • put some details on the laptop and a money sign on the mug (I'm not sure about this to be honest :S)

THANKS for the nice comments! please keep being honest ;)


hahaa this is very cute... you spelled bananas wrong though :x I do enjoy the details on the mug and laptop tho, not too sure about the placement/curve of the tail


Har har har haaaaaar. Bananas... But yeah, it's nice and it's cute. Probably a good kids' print. I don't see what you need to change about it, maybe a lil' tie.

Couch Surfer: Yellow V. Yellow! V7+V8!


thanks for the comments, and thanks e.gat for the pointing out the mistake xD

jeiji if I put a tie, i will have to make the laptop smaller :S so i don't know...

Sky Halcyon

This is really cute, very clean image! If there's anything I would change about it, it's maybe move the banana a little more towards the center of the cup? It sort of looks like it's half falling out right now. But I'm just nitpicking, I think this could definitely be submitted the way it is.

Mr Punch

Great Improvements for an already great design. The banana in the coffee cup sells it for me.


love it. all i can say is if your trying to keep it simple i think its done, but if you want to add to it maybe add a background like of an office or something and add some shadows and highlights.

great concept tho


I love the change in the font. I also love the addition of the money sign. Great job. I would def buy this once its subbed.


I like it, really change with the color font. I think it's ready for submit, well except for the spelling, but really great..


Haha, I love the banana logo on the laptop.

Personally, I almost feel that the design could just be the monkey and the laptop with that logo, minus the coffee mug and the text.


i really like it the only thing i would suggest is maybe moving the banana in the mug to the left a tiny bit so it doesnt look like its almost going past the mug but you cant really tell i do really like it tho :D


hmm looks good! may not work but maybe try banana in a dark yellow?


I would wear this every Casual Friday!!!! It is awesome!!!!


OK I SEND IT!!! D: (with the corrections)

right now is under approval but when its ready, i will make sure that you guys know it! xD

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