Wacom Bamboo Fun

I have come to the conclusion that I need to buy a graphics tablet. I am a pencil drawer so I want to keep my sketchiness and loose lines but I know that having a tablet would help in a lot of ways. I was thinking of going halves with my friend and buying the Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. Only 119 euro so it's not astronomically expensive. Anybody have any experience with this? Is it a good tablet for the price?


Bamboo Fun

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I use a Wacom Bamboo Fun


I guess I am stubborn ha ha. Plus pretty broke. I was using Live Trace in Illustrator for a while to try clean up my drawings but it totally changes them. I am thinking if I get a tablet I can still do my detailed penciling, then trace over with a tablet in Ps or Ai.


had a graphire 4 for a few years and then about 3 weeks ago just got an intuos 4. if you can afford it there is nothing better haha. atleast in my opinion. the bamboo tablets are great tablets for the price. i have a classmate that has one. and i agree, once u use ur tablet ull never go back haha

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