Something about these shirts is strangely familiar...

Eternal Crest on eBay

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but eep!

PS - I went to the Hollywood Bowl a couple of weeks ago and I was stunned at how many Threadless shirts I saw. At least 2 Pandamoniums, Dark Side of the Garden, Miss Scarlet, Follow It, etc etc etc. I spotted about 8 or 9 just walking to my seat. Craaazy.

Watch this

is that ebay or is that a company?

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lots of people on ebay just don't have principles. or at least, not principled principles.

i love how "I (have never been to) NY" is a "vintage" tee.

but i've seen worse . . . there are people who sell coupon codes on eBay. i can't believe people buy them - when a google search would yield the same exact codes for free.

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oh wow, didn't notice at first, but they claim they're making these shirts!!


those rip-off shirts look pretty cheap...

selling the coupon codes crack me up, i can't believe anyone ever buys them, you can get a pretty good deal on threadless gift certificates on ebay though...


Yeah I see tons of copycats on eBay, I just thought this one was particularly shameful and kind of funny. I'm sure they MADE the shirts, they just didn't DESIGN them! haha.

To FionaB: Thanks! I haven't blogged around here for a while. I forgot I had that link up on my "All about me". I'm so shameless ;)


wow, this is an interesting reprint of FITA, cracks me up, those were my high school colors...


I Love New York Indie Rock EMO NY/Vintage/Retro T Shirt

Army Military DJ Spin Headphones Guitar Punk Rock Shirt

hahahahaha, those titles are the funniest thing i've seen all day!

but seriously, they must be stopped


No copyright regulations in Thailand means no one can stop them.


Those type of people make me cry.

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yeah, but can't ebay be contacted, and if they make no effort to remove blatant copyright infringement, slapped with a lawsuit?


fuck thailand! lets just stop thailand! we can turn it into one giant thai resturaunt


at the bottom of the page, there is a link called Report this Item, follow the directions and it will send ebay an alert to that item...

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beep beep beep

threadless police come in


click here to report this item, remember you must be signed in to ebay to report it...


Haha the titles are my favorite part too.

I love Thai food.

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i reported some of the shirts, i'm sure it would help if others did too. this kind of thing is disturbing.

also, threadless should contact eBay:

my, lots of copyright infringement issues posted on the blogs today. is this always such a concern here?


Eh, I've seen too many copies to be shocked by it now. I just thought it was funny and that it was something that at least a few people on here would want to know about.

But 495 available? Sheeeit that's insane. Does Threadless even stock that many of each design?

I also love Thai iced tea.


they sell shiiiite loads of fake threadless T's at camden market in london. mainly the same designs as shown in the wesbtie link, probably connected.

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filmgeek - you're right, i guess it's not so much disturbing or shocking as . . . unpleasant. but i also think that it's good to take action when you can (and have the time, i guess).

mmmmm . . . thai iced tea . . .


eskimopunk, its
step 1,counterfeits copyright violations
step2, trademark infringment
step3, counterfeit clothing

mmm, Thai food and Thai iced tea sounds really good right now...


I was in Hong Kong recently and I saw some fake Threadless tees in a clothing store, alongside fake Obey Giant, X-Large, and BAPE shirts.


they can sell them IN Thailand and Singapore, but they are trying to sell them to US and Uk etc.
so report them!

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Poor tokidoki... :(


Wow, that really pisses me off. I reported a couple... if we all report at least one, ebay will have no choice but to react.


I reported eight.

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